Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt hits back after guest shuns advice ‘It’s not your show!’

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SATURDAY KITCHEN returned with host Matt Tebbutt dishing up more tasty treats this morning, where he was joined by guest chef Freddy Bird. But the host jokingly shut Freddy down after he didn’t appear to agree with his serving suggestion for a meal he’d prepared.

viewers often tune into Saturday Kitchen to see presenter and chef Matt host alongside a range of guests. This morning was no different as Matt welcomed Freddy onto the programme as well as wine expert Helen McGinn and journalist and author, Caitlin Moran. But while he got on with preparing his first dish of the morning, Freddy was left stunned by Matt’s suggested addition, which led the host to remind him it was not his show.

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The show offered up yet more delectable dishes for viewers to drool over this morning. 

And first up was chef Freddy, who was on-hand to prepare a vegetarian dish of braised artichokes.

But when he was quizzed by the show’s host on how to serve the dish, the pair didn’t agree on one key element.

Matt asked Freddy: “How would you serve this? Hot?”

He agreed: “Yeah, hot… room temperature.” before putting the dish into the oven.

“That will take about 10/11 minutes and then we’re going to finish it with lots of creme fraiche and olive oil,” Freddy explained.

But Matt told the chef: “[It would be] Quite nice with an egg, this.”

Freddy was left baffled by the suggestion, repeating back to Matt: “An egg?”

“Yeah a poached egg,” clarified Matt, leaving Freddy still not convinced by the comment.

Clearly unimpressed, he said: “Ah people [who] put eggs on [things are] weird… you’re one of them!” – If this is the context? 

But Matt defended the idea, responding: “Putting eggs on things? I like it!”

“I don’t get it, it’s like… oh no, I don’t agree with that,” the guest chef replied, clearly not intending to follow through with the suggestion.

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However, Matt hit back, jokingly reminding the star: “It’s not your show!”

Freddy instantly laughed off the comment and noted: “For 10 minutes, it is!”

Matt apologised for his quip and laughed as he tried to move proceedings along, adding: “Sorry, as you were.”

“I think it would be delicious with a piece of fatty fish with it, turbot? Or, some lamb.”

One guest had gotten in touch with the show to ask whether he could use “tinned artichokes” for the dish in question.

But Freddy appeared horrified by the suggestion, replying: “Never! I’m not going to lie, I like certain tin things but…”

Matt interjected, noting: “They’re too soft, right?” with Freddy adding: “Nothing’s ever cooked right, you’ve got to make the effort.

“It’s got to have a bit of bite, a little bit of substance, they’re too mushy.”

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturdays from 10am on BBC One. 

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