Sam Faiers gives fans a tour of toddler Rosie’s jaw-dropping room – complete with walk-in wardrobe – The Sun

SAM Faiers has given fans a glimpse into the glamorous life of her daughter Rosie and she tours them through toddler's nursery.

The Mummy Diaries star moved in to a five-bedroom mansion worth £2.25million last month in Surrey with partner Paul Knightley, 31, and children, Paul, four, and Rose, two.

Sam, 29, has passed on her extravagant taste to Rosie who she showered with luxury additions to her room such as, an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe.

She used her Instagram stories to show fans Rosie's new room.

Sam said: "I’m gonna give you a little tour of Rosie’s room, this is her dressing up rail, she needs a little more bits as she only those two, and rosettes from horse riding."

The enviable room featured a personalise toy trunk – a gift from her aunt Billie -, a huge pink dollhouse and also a cast of Rosie's hands and feet.

Sam said: "This is what we had made when she was first born, this is her dollhouse from her first birthday present".

"Over here is a toy trunk that Billie got for her, and also a little lamp from Etsy. Here is her cot that she sleeps beautifully in and some toy storage.

The gorgeous bedroom also includes a "beautiful and antique" mirror and a pricey Boori set of a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

As if the Boori set was not enough, Rosie's room also included an impressive walk-in wardrobe.

The Mummy Diaries star said: "She has a little walk in wardrobe which I’m kind of using as storage at the moment, I need to sort everything out. She has some shoes and horse hats."

Finally, the mum-of-two showed fans Rosie's sleek bathroom with dark grey tiles, a white sink and pink potty trainer.

Sam is renting the huge home for £7,000 a month and moved there in late March with her brood.

Season seven of her hit reality series with sister Billie is airing now with many fans wondering how much longer the show would go on.

Back in April 2019 it was confirmed that Sam and Billie Faiers’ hit show The Mummy Diaries had been recommissioned for two years.

Series seven was filled with the usual toddler tantrums and lavish holidays, as the sisters invited fans into their lives.

This means that the series will continue to run until 2021, with an eighth season in the pipeline.

We joined the girls at Christmas for the opening episode and the two families have a festive photoshoot together.

Sam moves into fancy new digs with partner Paul and their two children – four-year-old Paul Jnr and Rosie, aged two.

To celebrate their new home the families organise a Christmas photoshoot, but tensions rise when they clash over the decorations.

Billie and husband Greg hold an auction to win a date with her mum Sue, and Greg goes bald as he shaves his hair off for charity.

The couple also go house-hunting after ending season six looking to move with their two children Nelly, 5, and Arthur, 3.

The TOWIE favourite was a hit with fellow mums and so The Mummy Diaries followed in 2016.

The series followed Sam and her boyfriend Paul Knightley’s life as they cared for baby son Paul.

We later saw the home birth of the couple’s daughter Rosie.

Sam’s sister Billie joined the show in 2017 after a series of small appearances, along with her husband Greg Shepherd

and their children.

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