Ruth Langsford opens up on part of romance Eamonn Holmes hates: Dont actually care

Ruth Langsford argues Eamonn ‘treats her like a child’

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Ruth Langsford and her partner Eamonn Holmes were the faces of the daytime programme This Morning, which the couple famously co-hosted together for 15 years. However, the pair now separately host their own programmes with Ruth regularly appearing on the Loose Women panel and Eamonn returning to morning TV on GB News. While speaking with Claudia Winkleman, the former Strictly Come Dancing star has opened up about her life with Eamonn and how the Irish newsreader has a competitive streak.

While introducing her next segment on BBC Radio 2 which involves her guests sharing their best “little win”, Claudia told Ruth: “Some people are just deeply non-competitive, but suddenly it can turn in here I just need you to know that out loud.”

Ruth reassured the 50-year-old host: “I’m not competitive.”

The Strictly Come Dancing host quipped: “Okay well then let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

“My husband [Eamonn] hates [that], he thinks that’s ridiculous because he’s quite a competitive person,” Ruth said. 

The BBC presenter then chimed in: “I’m not competitive.”

The former This Morning star asked: “Aren’t you?” while Claudia responded: “No, I’m not interested.”

Ruth followed with: “If I’m playing a game, I enjoy it. I don’t actually care if I win”

Disagreeing with her guest, Claudia admitted: “Actually if I’m playing bridge, I need to win.”

In jest, Claudia quipped: “Yeah, otherwise I cry my eyes out.” 

“Remind me not to play bridge with you,” Ruth joked before revealing: “Because I can’t play bridge.”

The radio host chuckled: “I could teach you in two minutes and then I’d thrash you… I’m joking, you would thrash me.”

“Yeah, but I’d thrash you at Scrabble because my mum’s taught me, she’s taught me well,” Ruth hit back at the star. 

The former Great British Sewing Bee presenter exclaimed: “I love Scrabble!”

Letting listeners in on her tactic, Ruth explained: “It’s all about the two-letter word.”

While bringing the conversation back to Ruth’s “little win”, the 62-year-old recalled the time she had bought a candle for her friend’s birthday gift but much to her surprise, her gift didn’t arrive as planned. 

She explained: “I got a text from her [Ruth’s friend] saying thank you so much for my beautiful gift, I’m wearing it today.”

A confused Claudia asked the mother of one: “Wearing it?”

Replying back to the text, Ruth asked her friend what had arrived to which she replied it was perfume, which had arrived instead by accident. 

In turn, Ruth went on to reveal how the perfume was an expensive one and her friend had wanted it for ages. 

Ruth went on to say how she was happy about the mistake and how the accident was her “little win” after making her friend happy. 

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