RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Which Queen's Future Is Looking Grey?

After another week of global panic and government-mandated solitude, Friday’s Drag Race offered a welcome return to normalcy with a new episode of America’s favorite medical drama — Gay’s Anatomy.

A game of chance (and pills) put Gigi Goode and Nicky Doll in charge of casting this week’s acting challenge. And like all acting challenges, the drama began before the roles were even assigned. Aiden Zhane, for example, wasn’t thrilled with the character she was given — never mind the shade of Gigi and Nicky telling her that she’d be “good at playing a ghost.” (It’s all about the delivery, people.)

As for the queens’ performances, they were kind of all over the map. For every Gigi, whose over-the-top soap diva persona was deemed “perfect,” there was a Jaida Essence Hall, who repeatedly fumbled her lines. Or a Brita, who didn’t seem the understand the jokes she was supposed to deliver. Or a Nicky, whose nightmarish, French-speaking baby character will haunt my dreams for the rest of eternity — or for as long as this quarantine lasts.

We now interrupt this recap for some FASHION:

Unfortunately, this week’s win went to She Who Shan’t Be Named, both for her stand-out performance in Gay’s Anatomy — I hate to admit this, but her chain-smoking character was the funniest of the bunch — and her glamorous, Elvis-inspired runway look. I must offer reluctant kudos to that queen for thinking outside the box with the “Planet of the Capes” theme.

Nicky ending up in the bottom wasn’t a huge surprise; her “reflective” cape look was kind of a snooze, and it was clear from rehearsal that the judges weren’t going to love her performance as Widow Von’Du’s freaky talking baby. But I really didn’t foresee her lip syncing against Heidi N. Closet, who put her all into Kim Petras’ “Heart to Break.” Sure, Nicky gave her performance some drama, but Heidi fought to stay, literally losing her wig amid splits and somersaults of desperation.

Given their efforts, it shocked no one when RuPaul chose to eliminate Nicky Doll from the competition. “I’m feeing sad,” she said as she packed her things. “I really wanted the judges to see who Nicky Doll was. Sadly, it didn’t pay off the way I wanted. There’s so much more to come, so be ready for me, girl.”

Also worth discussing…

* Dahlia Sin’s cameo as the broccoli from World’s Worst? Iconic.

* I didn’t expect to get a “Who do you think should go home?” moment this early in the season. (For the record: Brita, Heidi and Crystal picked Nicky; Jaida picked Heidi; and Nicky reluctantly picked herself.) Which queen would you have said?

* At the risk of revealing my personal answer to the question above… Is Brita getting on anyone else’s nerves? If she spent half as much time worrying about herself as she is concerned with Aiden, maybe she wouldn’t consistently find herself in danger of elimination. Just a thought. (And the spitting! Gah!)

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