‘Reaction says it all!’ The Repair Shop guest in tears over restored children’s home doll

The Repair Shop guest emotional about restored doll

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Toy restorers Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell’s eyes lit up when a doll was brought into The Repair Shop on Wednesday night’s episode of the hit BBC show. Guest Marcia explained she’d been gifted the doll as a child while growing up in a care home and as a result had a special connection to it. The doll was in desperate need of repair and Marcia burst into tears when she saw it fully restored.

Presenter Jay Blades welcomed Marcia into The Repair Shop in the latest instalment of the show.

Spotting the doll she’d brought in, he asked her about her connection with the children’s toy.

“That’s my doll and her name is Diana,” Marcia told Jay.

She explained: “It was given to me as a Christmas gift as a child when I was in a children’s home and I was four at the time.

“I loved it because it was brown like me,” Marcia laughed.

Jay replied: “Yes, you don’t often get dolls that are brown I must say!”

Marcia explained she was put in the children’s home as a baby with her twin brother Graham.

She revealed her mother was forced to put them into care because of her work commitments.

Unfortunately, the doll had succumbed to old age and a limb had broken off, as well as a faulty voice box.

As a result, toy experts Amanda and Julie swiftly set to work in a bid to restore the doll to its former self.

Later on in the episode, Marcia returned to the workshop to see the final result of the restoration.

“Have you missed Diana?” Jay asked, with Marcia replying: “Yes, there’s been a space where she should be.”

Picking up on Marcia’s emotions, Jay remarked: “You want her back home don’t you?”

“Yes, because she’s been with me for a very long time,” Marcia said.

When the cover was lifted on the doll and the newly restored Diana was revealed, Marcia instantly burst into tears.

Covering her face with her hands, Marcia was stunned and whispered: “Thank you.”

As she picked up her doll to take a closer look, she said: “Oh, wow… Oh, she’s got booties on!

“Ahh thank you very much,” Marcia said, with Julie replying: “You’re welcome.”

“How does it feel holding her?” Jay asked as Marcia wiped away her tears.

She confessed: “Very nice. I feel like I’m four years old again.”

“Thank you very much. I don’t know what else to say,” Marcia added.

Amanda swiftly replied: “You don’t have to say anything, your reaction says it all. You’ve made our day.”

The Repair Shop airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on BBC One.

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