Piers Morgan brands Frankie Boyle 'disgusting' over newspaper comments

Piers Morgan has branded Frankie Boyle a ‘disgusting human being’ for ‘wanting to see journalists lose their jobs’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Good Morning Britain host didn’t hold back when discussing the comedian’s ‘hypocritical’ tweet in which he called for the public to stop buying newspapers.

On Monday, Frankie posted to his 2.7million followers: ‘Many British newspapers are on the verge of going bust, so there’s never been a more important time to not buy one.’

Addressing Frankie’s remark, Piers blasted on today’s programme: ‘This is a guy who has taken lots of money from newspapers to write columns, so he’s a flaming hypocrite as well as a disgusting human being to want to see lots of people lose their jobs.’

He later added: ‘Next time he comes sniffing for a column in the papers, every editor will say no. He actively told two million people… we shouldn’t forget stuff like that.’

Andrew Pierce, from the Daily Mail, commented: ‘When people like Frankie Boyle are so vicosus about newspapers, what they’re doing is attacking the readers who buy our newspapers in their millions.

‘They’re decent, ordinary people, who’ve got a decent set of values.’

Frankie has written a number of newspaper columns in the past for both The Guardian and The Independent.

His most recent article, which was published in December 2019 in The Guardian, commented on the countdown to the General Election.

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