Phillip Schofield advises people to stay level headed after Boris Johnson is taken into intensive care

Phillip Schofield appears to have made a veiled reference to Piers Morgan on Tuesday’s episode of This Morning after Piers questioned Michael Gove about nuclear weapons during an interview on Good Morning Britain. Discussing Boris Johnson being taken into intensive care, Phillip cautioned that the current situation needed to be approached with “level heads”, while appearing to reference Piers’ earlier conversation. Watch the video…

WATCH: Phillip Schofield cautions keeping a ‘level head’ 

Piers’ question had a mixed response from viewers, with one writing: “Asking who presses the button if we need to fire a nuclear weapon. What a… stupid question during this time. Fair play to Gove for not answering that question.” However another wrote: “Credit where credit is due Piers – asking about the nuclear button is VERY relevant .The UKs adversaries or enemies do not stop being so just because the PM is ill. THEY need to be told someone is in charge.” Piers replied to the tweet, writing: “Thank you. Some people didn’t think it ‘appropriate’ for me to clarify exactly who is now running the country (incl authority to deploy UK’s nuclear defence) given our Prime Minister is in intensive care. Frankly, I can’t think of anything more important to know.” 

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