Phil Collins daughter admits everyone made fun of British accent after move to US

Lily Collins explains how she lost her English accent

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Born in Surrey, Lily Collins is the daughter of musician Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman. The 32-year-old has followed in her parents’ footsteps, appearing in Mirror Mirror, To The Bone and most recently, playing the leading role in Netflix’s Emily In Paris. Lily admitted she forced herself to speak with an American accent when the kids at her school in LA repeatedly bullied her.

Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the host began: “Is it true that, like, when you were a kid you had to really practice to lose your accent and why? It’s so cool.”

Addressing the rumours, the Surrey-born model responded: “It is true.”

“You could have been like the Harry Potter of the school.” Kelly quipped.

The starlet gushed: “Believe me, I was obsessed with Harry Potter.”

She added: “I wish I was the Harry Potter of the school.”

The singer followed with: “Okay, I’m just saying, it could have been really cool.”

However, the mood in the studio changed after Lily confessed: “Yeah. Everyone made fun of me.”

“You’re at such a formidable age at the age of like five or six when they’re like, ‘Wait, you can’t say your R’s?’ and so I used to watch movies to replicate accents.”

The Emily In Paris star continued: “And I used to watch Peter Pan over and over again and just stand in front of the mirror and go, ‘Peter Pan, Peter Pan’, and I’d try to say my R’s to the point where it stuck,” she chuckled. “And now I sound like this.”

Kelly responded: “I love that every person especially from Europe or England every time they say like, ‘water’, cause like we say water and it sounds normal to us.

“But every time someone tries to [say] water, it’s all the R’s,” she giggled.

In the latest season of Emily In Paris, fans were left on the edge of their seats as Emily Cooper had a tough decision to make.

The bright-eyed marketing executive was left to choose between her job and her love life as her boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) gave her an ultimatum.

After Sylvie and some of the other members of staff decided to set up their own firm, Emily had been invited to join their team. 

Despite this, Emily was due to fly back to Chicago to think things over, including the complex love triangle she became entangled in.


Lily recently shared a short video to her 26.7m followers on Instagram and gushed over her return for the new season with a recording of a colourful array of clothes.

She wrote alongside: “Woke up thinking about this magical closet. 

“Can’t wait to get back to work on @emilyinparis with this living legend, @patriciafield, the incredibly inspiring and innovative @mshangaimx, and their amazing team!…”

Emily In Paris seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix now.

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