Pete Davidson Saw King of Staten Island as a Way to 'Move on' Instead of 'Feeling Sorry for Myself'

In the end, the movie ended up being a love letter to his mom and his upbringing.

"It was really emotional. She was in tears the entire time. But she’s the best," Davidson said. "She’s just like, 'If you need something, I’m here.' Never once has she ever done anything out of character. That was another motivation for me, to make this movie — to give her some sort of a gift, to express myself in a way that I couldn’t show before. That lady’s No. 1. My mom’s definitely a big hero of mine, just like my dad."

In a behind-the-scenes look at the movie previously shared by PEOPLE, Davidson's family and the filmmaking team discussed the emotional journey that led to the finished film, which he co-wrote with director Judd Apatow.

"When you see someone like Pete, you know there's a lot going on but you really don't know what it is," said Apatow in the clip. "I think people are interested in his struggle; they want to know, 'How are you doing? What happened to you?'"

He added: "King of Staten Island is an opportunity for Pete to tell you about himself, and to tell you about his feelings and his journey."

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"It was really so hard for him to recover, and I would even say that it's just been recently that he's finding his way and being okay," his mother Amy said of Davidson's devastation.

"The movie is like my love letter to my mom, and trying to end that part of my life," said Davidson. "I feel like we finally got to a place where we could let go a little bit."

The King of Staten Island will be available to rent online on June 12.

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