Our Girl season 5 – will there be another series?

THE fourth season of Our Girl is currently playing out on BBC One but fans are wondering what is coming next in the series.

While this will be Michelle Keegan's last stint on the show, does it also mean the end for the beloved drama. Here's what we know so far…

Will there be a fifth series of Our Girl?

Possibly. So far the BBC hasn't made any announcements to confirm plans for another series of the show.

However, it has been on of their most popular dramas since the pilot debuted in 2013 so it seems very likely they would keep the story going.

We've already seen two actresses in the lead role so far so it wouldn't be a surprise if a new star steps in and becomes the focus of the show, providing new events and relationships to explore.

The Sun Online has revealed it might be a different Eastenders star taking on the role.

Queen of the Jungle Jacqueline Jossa, who played Lauren Branning in the soap, is apparently in advanced talks for the role after ex-Corrie star Michelle decided to quit.

A TV source said: “Jacque­line is keen to replace Michelle on Our Girl and has been encouraged to go for it by her former colleague and pal Lacey.

“And bosses at the Beeb want a mainstream signing and feel the Queen Of The Jungle fits the bill perfectly.

“The series hasn’t yet been greenlit, nor any contracts sign­ed, but she’s in a good position to bag it if it all goes ahead.”

We'll be sure to keep you up to speed on any and every development as they become public.

Why has Michelle Keegan quit Our Girl?

The ex Coronation Street star has decided to leave the show to spend more time in the UK with her husband Mark Wright.

While playing Georgie, the show's hectic filming schedule meant Michelle was often abroad, filming on location in places like South Africa, Nepal and Malaysia for months at a time.

"I’ve had the most incredible four years on the show and I want to thank the BBC for giving me such an amazing opportunity," she told The Sun.

"Playing Georgie has been a life changing role for me. I’ve loved every second of the adventure so it was a very hard decision to make not to return. I feel it is the right time to explore other exciting opportunities but I’m so happy to be part of the new series coming soon so it’s not the end just yet."

Michelle's decision comes as her husband Mark also decided to move back home to the UK after spending time in the States working on US television show Extra.

Will Lacey Turner return to Our Girl?

Our Girl starred Lacey Turner when it first began back in 2014 before Michelle took over.

Now, fans are hoping the EastEnders star will make her return.

Lacey previously hinted that she may one day come back to reprise her character Pivate Molly Dawes.

"Well… you can never say never, I think. You just never know, " she told OK!. "I mean I’d love to see Molly Dawes again, but who knows!"

What happens in Our Girl series four?

The six new episodes will see the show step into the future, one year removed from 2 Section's tour of Bangladesh.

After being a corporal, the lovable Georgie has now been promoted to Sergeant and is training medics while living with her family back in Manchester.

However, some of her old comrades are desperate to have her back on the front line in Afghanistan, to which Georgie initially declines.

But disaster strikes on a night out as a near-fatal incident, which forces Georgie to face her fears and shows the real reason why she has to give in and reluctantly go back into the army – for her fiancee Captain Elvis Harte, who was killed in action.

Georgie goes back into the army to honour her fiancee but the show's creator Tony Grounds explains that this will not be easy.

He said: “With the Taliban controlling large swathes of the country and Georgie Lane’s haunting memories of Elvis lost last time she was in the country, this mission was never going to be easy.”

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