New TV Show Aims To Be The Office If Everyone Worked From Home

Don’t worry, Office fans, the producers of your favorite workplace comedy have something new in the works–and it’s basically The Office without an office. It will feature a workplace where everyone works from home. Executive producers Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein (who also starred on The Office as Toby Flenderson) are developing a new show that is “an office comedy without an office.”

Obviously, this show is inspired by the way in which many people are working today due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. “Everybody’s attempt to keep themselves private from work no longer applies. And this kind of integration between home and work brought all these new ideas and stories and characters into play,” Lieberstein told NPR about his plans.

The show would focus not on the global health crisis that is forcing people to work remotely, but instead “the realities of working from home” in general.

With pretty much all TV shows and movies currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, Lieberstein said the new show could be filmed and produced by individuals at home. And he’s not alone in thinking about producing a show this way. “A lot of the [TV] networks]” are discussing how to film new content remotely, Lieberstein said.

It sounds like it is very early days for this new show from Lieberstein and Silverman, but it’s an exciting prospect all the same that seemingly has a lot of potential. Recently, a woman turned herself into a potato during a Zoom meeting for work, so there’s a free idea.

In addition to this new show, NBC is reportedly planning a reboot of The Office featuring a new cast. While you wait for that, you can check out the excellent “Office Ladies” podcast featuring Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) where they share behind-the-scenes stories from the iconic American workplace comedy.

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