Matthew Perry is seen clutching his stomach as he leaves a medical facility in LA

FRIENDS star Matthew Perry was seen clutching his stomach as he left a medical facility in Los Angeles after a two-hour stay, The Sun can reveal.

In worrying photographs, the much-loved actor appeared in pain as he held his belly and briefly closed his eyes while walking through a public parking lot on Monday.

Matthew, who played sarcastic Chandler Bing in the 90s show, is seen wearing a cannula on his left hand, which is often used for the delivery or removal of fluid.

An onlooker said: "Matthew seemed to be in pain and was wincing as he held his stomach.

"He had a slow and labored way of walking as he headed to his car and a woman drove him home."

Matthew made sure he kept himself safe from coronavirus by covering his face as he followed a medical staff member in blue scrubs, also wearing facial protection.

The star, whose life has been on hold after the Friends reboot was delayed due to the pandemic, showed off his quarantine hair after weeks of growth while LA salons remain closed.

Opting for a casual look for his essential outing, the 50-year-old actor wore a black t-shirt and jeans with a long-sleeved dark checked shirt and Converse sneakers.

He held his stomach as he made his way across the parking lot with his cell phone in his other hand, before stopping to look down at the device.

The reason for his visit to the medical center remains unknown, but Matthew has a long history of health issues.

He was bedridden for three months in June 2018 after undergoing surgery for a ruptured bowel, sharing a tongue-in-cheek tweet at the time, posting: “Three months in a hospital bed. Check.”

The comedian has also been open about his issues with addiction, which got progressively worse while filming Friends, admitting his character was often "painfully hungover".

He has been to rehab twice, once in 1997 for a Vicodin addiction, and again in 2001 for Vicodin, amphetamines, methadone, and alcohol.

Matthew is now clean and sober but posting about his struggles on April 17, writing on Instagram: "Why is today especially hard???"

It comes after the star was spotted out and about for the first time in six months earlier this week, sporting grey hair and stubble.

He was later spotted wearing a mask and leaving his home with a mystery female companion.

The actor's recent appearance is in stark contrast to his former Friends co-stars, who are the picture of health and happiness, including Jennifer Aniston who has been keeping fans entertained during lockdown by posting photographs with her adorable dogs.

Since leaving the show, Matthew has starred in a number of movies and TV shows, including 17 Again opposite Zac Efron, Mr. Sunshine, Go On and The Good Wife.

But acting parts have dried up in recent years and he hasn't had any new roles since his show The Odd Couple was canceled in 2017.


The actor was set to rejoin his former co-stars last month, including Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer, for the eagerly-awaited Friends hourlong special. It would have been the first time the cast had been seen in public together for years.

Shooting for the reunion, marking the launch of streaming service HBO Max, has now been postponed indefinitely and may not take place until next year.

The TV favorites were reportedly poised to pick up a hefty paycheck between $2.5 and $3million each for the unscripted episode.

The Sun has contacted Matthew's rep for comment.

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