'Married at First Sight': Jessica Says It 'Crushes Her Heart' When Austin Doesn't Say 'I Love You' In Sneak Peek

JessicaStuder and AustinHurd hit it off right away on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season10, but the newlyweds have had one major issue. Although both Austinand Jessica are happy they were matched, Austin hasn’t been ready as of yetto reciprocate Jessica’s profession of love.

In a sneak peek of the Apr. 1 episode of Married at First Sight, “Fight or Flight,” from PopCulture.com, Jessica tells her castmates that she’s heartbroken that her husband won’t say the three little words yet.

Meka grills Jessica about her feelings for Austin

On the Apr. 1 episode, the Married at First Sightcouples (except for Zach Justice and MindyShiben, who already broke things off) head off on a final romantic getawayjust before they have to face the music on Decision Day.

Over dinner, MekaJones (Michael Watson’s wife) jokes with Jessica about almost saying “Ilove you” casually at the table. “Was that the L word about to come out?” sheasks her castmate.

DerekSherman, Katie Conrad’s husband, joins in on the good-nature ribbing. “Hasthe L word come out for you at all?” he asks Meka. (“No,” she says flatly,without a hint of a smile.)

Jessica comes clean about how she feels about her husband. “Ihave told Austin I love him,” she admits, clearly a little embarrassed.

The other Married at First Sight couples explode intoclapping and squealing. “Aww, that’s so cute!” Meka exclaims.

“Y’all are so cute,” Derek agrees.

Jessica explains that she thought Austin would be the first to say ‘I love you’

That’s when Meka wants to know who said the three littlewords first. “Did you win the bet?” she asks Jessica, referring to Jessica’s “bet”with Austin that he would proclaim his love first.

“No, I didn’t win the bet!” Jessica confessed.

“Did he say it?” Meka wonders.

“No!” Jessica says, obviously upset, as Austin blushesalongside her.

In the sneak peek, Jessica tells Marriedat First Sight producers she wassurprised that Austin didn’t say “I love you” before she did.

“I’ve said it, but he hasn’t said it,” Jessica laments, clarifying: “There was no actual money on the bet, it was just me telling Austin one night that I bet you’ll be the first to say it, which turns out he wasn’t. I knew I wanted to say it, so I said it.”

Austin tries to comfort his wife, but she’s still disappointed

Obviously uncomfortable, Austinreassures his wife that he feels strongly about her and doesn’t want to hurther. “I’m not saying I don’t, I just need more time to be able to say it,” heexplains to his castmates. “We’ve had this conversation.”

Still, Jessica says that doesn’t stop her from being hurt. “Myheart crushes a little each time,” the Married at First Sight staradmits frankly.

Austin clearly feels guilty and implores his wife, “No,don’t say that.”

The patient care manager says she knows Austinloves her deep down, but she’s trying to understand why he won’t say ityet. “I know he feels the same way, it’s just…” she trails off.

Finally, the network engineer explains, “It’s just that it’sa big word. I want it to be an authentic moment for me as well.” While Jessicasays she understands, it’s apparent that “I love you” is a major source oftension between the young couple.

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