Line of Duty fans convinced Steve Arnott will sacrifice himself to save Kate in tragic season 6 twist – The Sun

“He couldn’t speak due to the gunshot wound to his chest, but he could move his hand.

“Tap tap tap tap. Tap tap tap tap. It’s Morse code. Dot dot dot dot.

“The letter H in Morse code is four dots. ‘H’ is not an initial, it’s a clue. Four dots. Four caddies. Four police staff in league with organised crime.”

It was soon revealed that he was trying to explain to his colleagues that there are four key Organised Crime Group members in the police service and only three are currently known – himself, Assistant Chief Constable Derek Hilton and legal counsel Gill Biggeloe.

This means that AC-12 need to find the fourth – and fans are convinced this could lead to the death of Steve, Kate or Ted.

One Reddit user, who goes by the name of Xmaspay, took to the discussion forum to chat with other fans and discuss the potential idea that one of the protagonists could die at the end of the series.They said: “Seriously though, I reckon one of the main 3 die, Steve is the likely candidate saving Kate I’d guess?"And in the end we find out Kate was the whole mastermind behind it all and she gets away with it, can’t see it and probably wouldn’t make much sense, but still.

“We all know this show has many plot twists so I’m aware that none of us will probably get it spot on, but could be fun to look back on it in a few years and see how we all did!”

However, user irving_braxiatel thinks that Steve could take over the force, as they replied: “The sentimentalist in me wants it to end with Steve taking over AC-12, and the last scene being him introducing a new sergeant, asking if it’s Richard or Rick.”

Another user, who goes by the name of Gottabered added: “I’m re-watching again for the 4th (or 5th) time. I’m hoping there’ll be another couple of series.

"I’ve always felt the ‘H’ thing is not one, but a hierarchy of individuals and that’s what the ‘H’ likely stands for. No one person could surely be running this corrupt group alone, could they?”

Another fan said: “I really hope it's super well planned out and there's s great twist at the end rather than just, oh lol yeah it was Hastings or something. Really excited though!”

Martin Compston recently revealed plans for the popular BBC show due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Many shows have been cancelled or suspended as a result of COVID-19, and the 35 year old discussed the impact the virus had on the cast on Good Morning Britain.

The Scot spoke to GMB presenters Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway, and gave fans of the show hope that they will resume filming the BBC thriller as early as they possibly can.

“They (the scripts) just seem better than ever and we will be back at some point to get them finished and I hope we will be back with bigger, better and longer interviews discussing the whole Line of Duty thing.”

The actor appeared live on the UK morning show from Las Vegas, stating that he only just managed to get a flight to the States to be with is wife just before Trump imposed a travel ban due to the coronavirus.

While still in the UK at the time, Martin recalled: “I was just in my flat on a Saturday night, learning my lines for the week ahead.”

He continued: “The news came through that Trump had suspended all flights from the UK, so I think within 12 hours I was on a flight.

“So, I just made it back by the skin of my teeth. It was bit of a hairy journey over… but eventually they got us home.”

Martin’s wife and American actress Tianna Chanel Flynn, who he married in 2016, is pregnant and the star stressed how important it was for her to be stable.

He continued: “My wife is from Vegas and I just thought at the stage we are at, that my wife needed a permanent place.”

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