Kristen Stewart Compared ‘Crimes of the Future’ Premiere Reactions to Will Smith Oscars Slap

The reactions to the film premieres at the Cannes Film Festival tend to be hyperbolic. However, that doesn’t mean that actors and filmmakers aren’t eagerly awaiting to see how crowds react to their movies. Actor Kristen Stewart compared the premiere reactions of Crimes of the Future to the infamous Will Smith Oscars slap.

Kristen Stewart plays Timlin in ‘Crimes of the Future’

Crimes of the Future sees the legendary David Cronenberg team up with Stewart, among Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux, and Scott Speedman. The story follows Saul Tenser (Mortensen) and Caprice (Seydoux), who work together as performance artists around the metamorphosis of Saul’s organs.

The couple in Crimes of the Future meet two investigators with the National Organ Registry named Timlin (Stewart) and Wippet (Don McKellar). However, Timlin becomes increasingly obsessed with Saul and his art. As a result, their connections spiral in dangerous directions. His art becomes a vessel for others to get their message public.

Kristen Stewart compared ‘Crimes of the Future’ to the Will Smith Oscars slap

Vulture interviewed Stewart about her experience working on Crimes of the Future. The actor isn’t particularly new to the Cannes Film Festival, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t come with certain notions. However, Stewart tried to put her focus on Cronenberg and his passion for the movie. She certainly felt a specific way after the credits started rolling.

“Before the credits lifted, it was dead silent,” Stewart said. “I was like, ‘Ooh, people don’t know how to feel. They don’t know if they should clap or not.’ I felt like it was the f***in’ Will Smith moment where everyone was like, ‘Yes? No? No. OK, actually no!’Like, do people have to look to their left and right to see if people like it before they clap?”

However, Stewart didn’t really see the hype around people walking out of Crimes of the Future. Despite all of the surgery and gory bits, the actor sees the beauty past all of that.

Stewart continued: “It’s a lot to take on at first, I guess. But to me, the movie is so simply sweet. Yes, we’re barreling towards certain death, for sure. But there’s a delicacy to the movie that, even in the gory stuff, I was really bewitched by it. Everyone talking about walking out and how intense it was. I was like, “It’s not intense! It’s really beautiful.”

Critic reviews trend positive

The Cannes Film Festival reception isn’t always the best way to judge how other critics and audiences will feel toward a movie. Standing ovations are quite frequent and other audience members aren’t afraid to verbally jeer a movie that they didn’t like.

However, the majority of critic reviews lean positively toward Crimes of the Future and the performance that Stewart delivers. The Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer is currently sitting at an 82% “Fresh” approval rating. They praised the movie’s “unsettling flair” and Cronenberg’s return to body horror filmmaking.

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