Kate Garraway announces Good Morning Britain break to care for husband

Kate Garraway has announced she’s taking a break from Good Morning Britain to take care of her husband Derek Draper amid his ongoing battle with coronavirus.

Kate was seen on the ITV daytime staple today alongside co-presenter Alex Beresford, when she made the surprise announcement after thanking fans for their continued and ongoing support.

Derek is still in hospital after contracting Covid-19 earlier in the year, a case so severe he was even placed in intensive care in a coma.

‘I’m actually not here next week,’ she told viewers, ‘I’m taking a bit of time off, to help [son] Billy get ready for secondary school, and my other children.

‘And also Derek, look after that. I just want to say thank you to all of you [at home] for absolutely being brilliant since I’ve come back through troubling times.’

She continued: ‘And everyone here, you [Alex], Ben and all the people on-screen and off-screen. Everyone talks about ITV and television being a brutal business, but its not, its a family.’

Alex added: ‘You know we’ve all got your back on this show.’

The news comes after yesterday’s edition of the show saw Kate praise her fans for the ‘lovely’ messages she has received during lockdown.

‘Yesterday there were all sorts of things, all over the internet, saying I’d been having abuse online for laughing on Good Morning Britain,’ she began. ‘I actually haven’t.

‘I haven’t, honestly. I think I triggered it by talking about how sometimes you feel a bit concerned when you’ve got big things going on in your life but obviously everyone has to smile as well.

‘So you think, you don’t want people to think that you don’t care by laughing… But you’ve all been lovely.’

Addressing viewers watching on from home, she stressed: ‘I don’t know where that came from, you’ve all been lovely.’

Derek is still fighting for his life in hospital, months after being taken in for treatment. 

Kate announced he is officially coronavirus-free, but he is still battling the impact of the disease.

After uncertainty over his condition, she was left hopeful when he opened his eyes last month, and his family gathered around celebrate his birthday on FaceTime last week.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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