Jeremy Clarkson mortified after stumbling upon man 'frantically pleasuring himself' in parked car

JEREMY Clarkson has recalled the horrifying moment he came across a complete stranger "pleasuring himself" in public.

The TV legend, 62, wrote in his Sunday Times column of the time he pulled up beside a parked car only to find a man doing some unspeakable things.

The former Top Gear star explained that he'd only pulled up next to the vehicle as he was concerned about poaching.

According to Jeremy, there had been multiple reports of poachers in the area, so he thought he would check it out.

However, he soon regretted his choice.

Accompanied by girlfriend Lisa Hogan, the star has recalled the moment, explaining how he "still chuckles" about it.

Jeremy detailed: "I was coming home from the pub the other night when I saw a car parked at the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, next to what I call 'the Big Wood'.

"And as there have been reports in recent weeks of poachers in the area, I thought it might be prudent to stop to see what was what."

After pulling up through pure concern, the star was greeted with an X-rated sight, as well as a huge joint.

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He continued: "So I pulled up alongside the car and inside was a young man who was using one hand to smoke a large joint and the other to, how can I put this, frantically pleasure himself."

As if that moment wasn't shocking enough, the man then stopped what he was doing as he had recognised Jeremy.

"Lisa and I had time to exchange a smile before the young man realised we were there, stopped what he was doing and lowered his window. 'Oh my God,' he said. 'You’re Jeremy Clarkson.'"

Thankfully, the star laughs about the moment now and found it all hilarious.

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