Jay falls asleep beside escort Nadine amid grief for Lola in EastEnders

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has been struggling in the wake of wife Lola’s tragic death earlier this yar, though recent EastEnders scenes have seen him find comfort in a new friend.

Jay was struck by newcomer Nadine’s (Jazzy Phoenix) likeness to his late wife and soon the pair struck up a conversation and got on like a house on fire.

In tonight’s (September 19) episode, Jay and Nadine met up again and decided to head out for a few drinks, where their friendship continued to blossom.

With Jay feeling a little tipsy, he mentioned that it didn’t feel like the night was over, and soon Nadine had invited him back to her place.

There, Jay realised just how drunk he was, and Nadine decided to skip the night caps, instead leaning in to kiss him.

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Grieving Jay made it clear that he didn’t want to go there, and revealed that it was probably best that he leave, before deciding that he couldn’t let his family see him in such a state.

It was then that Nadine offered him a bed for the night, promising that there would be ‘no funny business’ and that she would knock down the price that she usually charged.

Jay learnt yesterday that Nadine is an escort, which means that she gets paid to spend time with men.

She explained how it was just a job and allowed her to pay off her student loan and live in her own flat.

Jay decided to take her up on her offer, and soon the pair had fallen asleep on her bed, with Jay on top of the covers.

However, at some point during the course of the night, the pair found themselves nestled against each other, with Jay’s arm around Nadine.

Are their romantic feelings bubbling up between them, or is Jay simply lonely after losing Lola?

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