How to watch A Touch of Frost

A Touch of Frost has stood the test of time as one of Britain's favourite programmes, David Jason starring as Detective Jack Frost for just shy of two decades.

The drama series boasted 15 seasons before it eventually ended in 2010, but remains the subject of repeat airings on ITV regularly.

How to watch A Touch of Frost

There are a number of ways that fans can still enjoy the series nearly 30 years after it's initial release.

Season one is available to watch on Amazon Prime, but as of yet the streaming service does not possess the rights to show A Touch of Frost beyond the first series.

However, if you can't fathom the thought of watching series one on Prime before being stopped in your tracks, fear not – the ITV Hub boasts all 15 seasons of the show available to watch at any time.

If you subscribe to the BBC and ITV's joint effort of a streaming service, entitled BritBox, you can also watch every episode of A Touch of Frost, all the way back to episode one, first aired in 1992.


What is A Touch of Frost about?

The iconic series stars David Jason as Detective Inspector William Edward "Jack" Frost, a seasoned veteran detective who frequently clashes with his superiors. 

Each episode sees a different case, in which Frost is usually assisted by a variety of different detective sergeants or constables, all of which offer varying advice on the case at hand.

The hilarious interactions between Detective Frost and Superintendent Stanley "Horn-rimmed Harry" Mullett, played by Bruce Alexander are one of many reasons why the show holds a special place for so many.

Golden Globe and Emmy award winner Damien Lewis actually received his first major acting debut role as part of the supporting cast.

The series is set in the fictional southern England town of Denton, with the talented but clumsy Detective Frost often guilty of minor comical errors such as drinking other people's tea and leaving almost everywhere he touches – his house, car and office, all in states of extreme untidiness.

His failings are cancelled out by his incredible policework, though he has at times broken the law himself by planting evidence to get an arrest or conducts searches without permission, although he always ensures has the correct suspect.

Why was A Touch of Frost axed?

A Touch of Frost eventually came to an end after 18 years in 2010, after lead star David Jason called time on his role as Detective Frost due to old age.

At a screening for one of the final episodes, Jason told journalist: "You wouldn't want me to play Frost in a wheelchair, would you?"

Speaking in the wake of the show's announcement it would draw to a conclusion in 2010, Jason said: "Frost is getting a little long in the tooth. I still enjoy doing it and it's a great part but I just think he's got to retire. It'll be a sad day."

After 42 episodes, 15 seasons and airings in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, A Touch of Frost aired it's final episode on April 5, 2010.

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