How many kids does Jimmy Kimmel have?

JIMMY Kimmel is a household name, thanks to his long career in Hollywood as a chat show host.

But behind closed doors he enjoys a busy homelife with his big family.

How many kids does Jimmy Kimmel have?

Jimmy, 52, has quite the brood of kids.

He has daughter Katherine (born in 1991) and Kevin (born in 1993) from his first marriage to Gina Maddy.

Jimmy then wed Molly McNearney in 2013 and they welcomed their daughter Jane the following year.

His latest child, Billy, was born in 2017.

What does Jimmy Kimmel's daughter Katherine do?

Katherine, 29, is a ceramic artist and designer based in Hermosa, California.

The first of his four kids, growing up, she made it known that she struggled after high school because she had no idea what she wanted to do.

But there was a saving grace after she went on to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and discovered her passion.

What does Jimmy Kimmel's son Kevin do?

While Katherine has pursued a career as an artist, her brother Kevin has opted to work in TV, like his famous father.

Kevin, 27, works in the television industry but as a crew member.

He has worked on reality shows including Survivor and Big Brother: USA

What has Jimmy said about his son Billy's heart defect?

Billy was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia just after he was born.

He's undergone two surgeries, one when he was 3 days old, another at 7 months.

The condition tetralogy of fallot is characterised by a combination of multiple defects that affect the heart's structure and function.

Speaking on his show, Jimmy recounted that a nurse first noticed something was wrong with Billy, when he was only a few hours old, noting that the infant "was a bit purple."

The baby was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit where the medical staff started to see signs that something was wrong with his heart.

"The room started to fill up. More doctors, nurses, and equipment started coming in and they determined that he wasn’t getting enough oxygen into his blood," Jimmy said. "It’s a terrifying thing."

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