Hilary Duff Just Gave a Promising Update on the 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot

Lizzie McGuire fans should be feeling a little more hopeful this morning, April 7, after Hilary Duff revealed she's still in talks about the Disney show's reboot.

Last August, news broke that Lizzie McGuire would return to Disney+, with Duff reprising her star-making role. The new series was going to pick up with Lizzie, Gordo, and her friends as they navigated life in their 30s. "She’s older, she’s wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget, which is super exciting. She has her dream job. She has kind of the perfect life right now,” Duff said at the time. But in January, the production abruptly shut down, with rumors swirling Disney thought Lizzie 2.0 was not family-friendly enough. It was later revealed the pilot script featured sex and a cheating scandal.

But there's still hope for the show's return. Duff told People she's still in talks with the team behind the show. “There’s still conversations going on in hopes that we can find a way to meet in the middle and both bend a little bit,” she said. “I understand that they have to protect their brand and there’s pretty strict guidelines on what that looks like.”

She continued, “I just have to make sure it’s the right move for me and that I feel like I’m honoring her and the character, and that it will be relatable to the people who grew up with her because those are the people I really want to speak to."

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Also promising is the fact that Terri Minsky, the original Lizzie showrunner who left the reboot after production halted, recently met with some of the reboot's writers on Zoom. Lizzie McGuire fan account @peterstanslizzie posted a screenshot of the virtual meeting. Does that mean Minsky is back on board? Unclear, but there's clearly some momentum happening.

Hopefully Hilary Duff and the entire creative team can use this downtime while so many Hollywood productions are shut down to think of a solution for Lizzie McGuire that works for everyone—most of all the fans.

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