HBO Offering Multiple Movies, Original Series, and More, For Free

HBO wants you to stay the hell home during the coronavirus, and to better encourage you to do so, they’re offering a whole bunch of stuff for free. Nine full original series, 10 documentaries and docuseries, and 20 Warner Bros. theatrical films will all be available to stream on HBO for free – as in, you don’t need an HBO subscription to watch them. Plus: Amazon is breaking with tradition, and making in-app purchases, including renting and buying films and TV shows, possible.

Hey, have you always wanted to catch up on HBO originals, but haven’t wanted to sign up for an HBO subscription? Well, your time is now. Starting this Friday, April 3, HBO is launching something they call the #StayHomeBoxOffice, which will make a plethora of content available for free – no HBO subscription required. Here’s what you get:



The programming will be available to stream without a subscription starting Friday by downloading the HBO NOW or HBO GO apps or by visiting or The content will also be made available for free via participating distribution partners’ platforms in the coming days.

Meanwhile, in news that doesn’t involve free stuff, but is still pretty cool, Amazon is changing things up regarding their in-app purchases. In the old, pre-coronavirus days, Amazon would not allower users to rent or buy content on the Prime Video app. Instead, you had to use a web browser. Now, Amazon has reversed course, and is allowing in-app purchases on Apple products. Before, Amazon was against this because it required paying a fee to Apple. But Apple has set up a program for the time being:

There’s no word on how long this will be in place, but you should probably take advantage of it now.

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