First trailer for Netflix’s After Life season 2 sees grieving Ricky Gervais face unemployment as paper close to closure – The Sun

RICKY Gervais' Netflix series After Life will return this month, with the comedian revealing the plot will show "hope is everything" despite the fact his character is faced with unemployment.

A new season two trailer has today been released, as well as images dropping huge hints of the upcoming action set in the fictional town of Tambury.

Ricky plays local newspaper journalist Tony and the plot picks up following the tragic death of his wife in season one.

Her passing has, understandably, shaken his world and the second instalment sees him try to become a better friend as he deals with his grief.

Another blow could be soon on the horizon for him and his colleagues with the newspaper, their source of income, on the brink of closure.

Yet in true community style, an amateur dramatics production could bring the good vibes and save the day.

The trailer opens with Tony in an embrace with his wife as he says: "People think all those things I miss doing with Lisa, I could do them anyway," as he pours out his woes to a friend.

"They are missing the point. I miss doing nothing with Lisa."

He later added: "When she died everyone tried to help me, and it sort of saved me."

His pal then helpfully added he should never drink alone as he let out a giggle.


In a cheerier note, he then attempts to matchmake his friend, before throwing cake cheerily in another's face, as he tries to make their life happier.

After Life will return in six episodes and is both written and directed by the Brit, while he also acts as executive producer.

Talking of the dramatic new series, Ricky said: “I was blown away by the reaction to season one. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it!

"It’s been truly heart-warming to see how the show has resonated with so many viewers on an emotional level.

"I can’t wait for everyone to see season 2 where hope is everything.”

The series is back for season two on April 24, 2020 on Netflix.

Like the first series, there will be six episodes.

You'll be able to stream all of them straight away.

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