Ferne McCanns baby has poo explosion while cuddling Holly Willoughby on This Morning

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann and her new baby girl Finty appeared as guests on Tuesday's episode of This Morning, when Finty had a “poo explosion” on Holly Willoughby.

Host Holly got more than she bargained for when holding the sweet bundle of joy, as the two-month-old decided it was a good time to go to the toilet. Explaining the situation to viewers, Holly said: “I needed a cuddle, I jumped straight in, so me and Finty had a little cuddle but she sat down and had a release.”

The presenter sweetly continued: “But I always think it is better out than in, we all felt relieved”.

Seeing the funny side of the situation, Ferne started laughing and said: “Poo explosion! She got a bit of stage fright bless her”.

The camera then flashed back to moments before the show went to air where Holly could be seen discovering that Finty's white onesie was soiled, before checking her own dress. 

Ferne went on to give praise to her fiance Lorri Haines and said he is a “brilliant” dad, before explaining she is excited for the birth of Finty to air on her TV show First Time Mum, as she hasn’t been allowed to properly speak about it yet.

Since giving birth to her second child, Ferne has been keeping fans updated with her journey and recently opened up about "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable" in her post-pregnancy body.

Taking to Instagram, Ferne said: "My experience this time round is completely different after giving birth to [daughter] Sunday. My body seems to be taking longer to go back to normal (whatever that is supposed to look like!) and in the last couple of days I’ve noticed an impatience with myself.

"You can either pick yourself apart or you can shower yourself with kindness & love. From today, I’m picking the latter! My body created & carried my baby girls so how can I insult it? But in my low moments that’s exactly what I’ve done and I’m sure many women can relate to this."

The reality TV personality continued: "So… I’m getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, owning it all! This is where I’m at, this is how I look and it’s up to me to start making some healthy changes to my life to start feeling strong physically and mentally and comfortable in my own skin. I’m on my mission to get back on track, eat nourishing foods, go for my walks, do some kind of exercise 3 times a week.

"For anyone that would like to join me on my journey or would like know what my daily routine is feel free to drop me a message with and I’ll be happy to share with you. I want to encourage and inspire anyone that would like to make some healthier changes to their life."

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