'Falcon and the Winter Soldier': Anthony Mackie Hopes Another 'Avengers: Endgame' Star Blesses the Disney+ Series

Anthony Mackie is looking forward to the premiere of Marvel’s upcoming series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Marvel has kept a tight lid on spoilers, but Mackie has been sharing tidbits about the series over the past few weeks. This includes his latest tease that another Avengers: Endgame star might enjoy a cameo alongside Sam Wilson.

What’s ahead for Mackie in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’?

In the final moments of Endgame, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) handed Sam his shield, symbolically passing on his mantle and making him the next Captain America. Sam’s transition from Falcon to Captain America will be at the heart of the new series, though he is not the only Cap appearing in the show.

Leaks from the set of Falcon and the Winter Soldierconfirm that Wyatt Russell’s John Walker will be the government endorsedversion of Captain America.

A scene from the series was leaked online that shows Russelldressed in Cap’s uniform while carrying his iconic shield.

We still do not know how Russell’s character fits into the story, but it definitely looks like Marvel is not making Sam’s transition easy. Whatever happens, Mackie recently revealed that he is thrilled to be taking on the role and is honored to be the first black Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mackie opens up about being Captain America

Mackie discussed his new role as Captain America during aninterview on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. According to Yahoo,Mackie told Colbert that he believes it is “monumental” that Marvelnow has a black Captain America.

“It is monumental, man. I mean… to have Marvel select a young black man inAmerica to represent the moniker of Captain America is unprecedented. There’snothing that can compare to that,” he shared.

Mackie added that he thinks it is great that kids from alldifferent walks of life will see him as the new Captain America in Falconand the Winter Soldier.

The interview comes after Mackie confessed that he was veryemotional when he learned that Marvel was passing Cap’s mantle to his character.After being in the acting business for 20 years, Mackie considered it a huge“triumph” to play the new Cap.

Filming for Falcon and the Winter Soldier was nearing its end when the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to production. There is no telling when the project will get back underway, but Marvel might push its premiere date back on Disney+.

How did Mackie’s son react to the Captain America news?

Mackie was not the only person in his family who got emotionalover his Captain America casting. According to ScreenRant, Mackie recently opened up about how his son reacted when hefound out that Sam was the new Cap in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Endgame star revealed that his son was veryunderwhelmed after the conclusion of Endgame. Once he realized that hisdad was going to carry the iconic shield, he simply told Mackie, “cool.”

But after a week passed, the full realization of his fatherplaying Captain America on the big screens sunk in.

“A week later, he calls me bawling and he’s like, ‘Dad, you’re Captain America. It’s like yeahdude. So, he’s just like, ‘I just didn’t know, that’s so amazing. I’m so proudof you.’ So, then I start crying…” Mackie explained.

While Mackie will be making his debut as the new Captain America in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he will be taking on the role in the big screens as well. In fact, the events in the upcoming series should have an impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and set up future storylines.

Mackie teases this ‘Endgame‘ star will cameo in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Marvel has been secretive about releasing spoilers, but Mackierecently teased that another Endgame star might be making an appearancein Falcon and the Winter Soldier. According to HeroicHollywood, the actor told fans that he hopes Nick Fury (Samuel L.Jackson) will enjoy a cameo in the show.

“I hope so. I heard Falcon becomes Sam Jackson, that’s what Iheard, so that’s what I’m hoping for. We ain’t finished shooting yet, so I hopehe just show up one day and bless us with his presence,” Mackie stated.

With production on hold, it is possible that Jackson has yet tofilm scenes for the show. If he does appear, his involvement will likely beminimal, though he could help set things up for the MCU.

Fury is also expected to make an appearance in WandaVision and Captain Marvel 2, though Marvel has yet to confirm any of these reports. If the rumors are true, then Fury’s involvement in these projects will likely have something to do with S.W.O.R.D., which was teased at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is scheduled to premiere onDisney+ this summer.

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