Everything you need to know about Suranne Jones’ new thriller Vigil

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When we heard that BBC One’s new thriller was made by the producers of Line Of Duty and led by actress Suranne Jones, we knew it would be must-see TV.

New six-part series Vigil takes viewers deep under water as DCI Amy Silva (Jones) is called to a Trident nuclear submarine, HMS Vigil, after a mysterious death rocks Scottish shores.

While she’s helicoptered in to discover if there’s more to a suspected overdose than meets the eye, her colleague DS Kirsten Longacre (Game Of Thrones star Rose Leslie) pieces together evidence on land.

The pair work well together, with Kirsten feeding Amy information via heavily monitored telegrams. But there’s a reason for their clearly close relationship and invaluable shorthand – the pair are ex-lovers.

As the women delve deeper into the case, viewers discover more about their shared past. Can they make the perfect team once more and crack the case?

Suranne explains, “Amy’s supposed to be on Vigil for three days, but she uncovers lots of other things and becomes trapped down there for longer.

She continues: “Due to Navy protocols, she has no way of openly communicating with the land investigation – the only contact is through telegrams.”

On top of that, the Vigil crew don’t make it easy. And as they close ranks, a new threat emerges.

Suranne continues, “Amy and the crew clash, I think because they don’t know who actually has overall authority – the Navy or the police.”

One crew member she has to build up a relationship with is Elliot Glover, played by Endeavour star Shaun Evans.

He mediates between the highest-ranking officers on board and the rest of the crew, but he also has a few secrets of his own.

Shaun teases, “Glover has to straddle both worlds. At the beginning, someone aboard needs disciplining, which is a job for Glover.”

He continues: “A couple of hours later, that person is found dead.”

“The subsequent police investigation by Amy unearths a whole world of simmering tension and hidden agendas.”

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Vigil, Sunday and Monday 9pm, BBC One

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