ESPN Announcer Dave LaMont Apologizes For Controversial Comment During Conference Call On Racial Issues

Longtime ESPN announcer Dave LaMont is apologizing for a comment he made while thinking his phone was on mute during a two-hour conference call with his ESPN college football colleagues.

As reported by the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, a two-hour ESPN college football conference call was held last month. The topic was race in the wake of George Floyd’s death. On-air and support staff talked about their experiences with racial issues.

As ESPN’s Maria Taylor was talking, LaMont allegedly made a remark to his wife that was overheard by everyone on the call, describing the session as “venting.” He was immediately reprimanded by several people on the call, including Taylor.

“A comment was made to my wife that was overheard on the college football call, offending some who heard it,” LaMont said in a statement to The Post. “We have a racially integrated home and I respect and admire those who spoke up about their experiences. I profusely apologize to everyone on the call”

ESPN has not commented yet on the incident and LaMont’s future.

LaMont, age 60, has been at ESPN for 16 years, doing commentary on college football and basketball on TV and radio, as well as the Pro Bowling Association.


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