Emmerdale twist as Manpreet Sharma orders Charles Andersons death after secret exposed?

Emmerdale: Rebecca Sarker on what's next for Manpreet & Charles

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Manpreet (played by Rebecca Sarker) has been laying up in hospital in recent scenes on Emmerdale, ever since she managed to escape Meena’s (Paige Sandhu) evil clutches with her life barely intact. Unfortunately, her ordeal didn’t end there on the ITV soap as Charles (Kevin Mathurin) accidentally ran her over whilst searching for her in the dark after learning about her sister’s psychotic ways. During Friday night’s instalment, Manpreet accepted the vicar’s apologises but her first reaction was one of horror so could she be playing a poker face, waiting for the perfect time to get her revenge?

With the secret out in the open, Charles also apologised to his on/off lover for not believing her about the text messages Ethan Anderson (Emile John) had supposedly received from his mother.

It was actually Meena who constructed this cruel scenario and when her sister started to turn on her just before Christmas, the village villain blamed her for the whole nightmare.

As Manpreet had lied to the vicar several times in the past, he was reluctant to side with her and think she was being used as a pawn in the killer’s psychotic game.

When Charles went to apologise for the umpteenth time, Manpreet chimed in from her hospital bed as she said: “No, Charles.

“Hey, you don’t need to be sorry. Put it this way: if you hadn’t run me over, Meena would have got to me and I’d be dead anyway.”

The villager went on to tell the vicar she was grateful he had been looking out for her ever since and added him being at her bedside had meant the world to her.

However, although it seems she might have forgiven her on/off lover, Manpreet is cut from the same cloth as her sister.

Although not as thirsty to commit murder herself, she could be driven to end someone’s life if she knows she needs to get revenge.

In next week’s episodes, she will be seen returning to the village for the first time since her ordeal ended and she will be in a very fragile state.

She will try to put the pieces of her life back together but the general practitioner will tell Charles she thinks she should leave.

Manpreet would be absolutely horrified

Rebecca Sarker

As he tries to convince her to stay, Manpreet will be reunited with Meena in the coming weeks as the villain returns to wreak havoc once more.

It is likely she would like to finish the job she started with her sister but as they come face to face, the GP could suggest a trade.

She could explain to the killer how she is desperate to get her revenge on Charles and is struggling to keep up her poker face.

Manpreet might say she had been waiting to get her strength back up before going after him but Meena could do the job for her.

Ordering the vicar’s death, Manpreet’s sister could be delighted they are teaming up to kill someone for the very first time.

Once Manpreet has ventured down this path, there is no turning back as Meena will not rest until Charles is dead and gets his comeuppance for running down her sister.

It has been reported the killer’s time in the village is going to come to an end and it’s not yet known how this will happen.

But with her sister gone and Charles dead, Manpreet will have to have a hard think about the person she has become.

Knowing she possesses the same innate evil instincts as her sibling, she could continue to embrace more and more of her darkness.

Could it be Manpreet will pick up where Meena left off and become the next psychotic serial killer of the show?

Speaking about her Jutla sisters’ relationship, the actress who plays Manpreet, Rebecca, said her character would be “horrified” to contemplate killing someone.

The soap star said: “Manpreet knows that her sister is a pathological liar, number one, she’s betrayed Manpreet so many times.

“There’s been that debacle with the texts and Charles, completely blew Charles and Manpreet’s relationship or chance for a relationship wide open.

“She knows that her sister is capable of lying, of betrayal… but she doesn’t know she’s capable of murder and Manpreet would be absolutely horrified to even go there,” she told ITV’s Lorraine.

But with more twists and turns to come in the story, could it be Manpreet ventures over to the dark side as her sister has done?

Some viewers have picked up on the fact Manpreet was quick to forgive her on/off lover after running her down, which resulted in her ending up back in the hospital.

Grianne wrote: “Charles really doesn’t waste much time clearly does he? Also, Manpreet’s awfully forgiving after everything that’s happened #Emmerdale.”

Dan added: “Wow Manpreet has forgiven Charles already. That was quick. It’s true what she said though if she didn’t get run over Meena would’ve killed her #Emmerdale.”

Itzzzo commented on the social media platform: “If I was Manpreet I wouldn’t be so kind to Charles I’d be telling him to f**k off #Emmerdale.”

Ryan shared: “If I was Manpreet I wouldn’t be so kind to Charles I’d be telling him to f**k off #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode airing on Thursdays at 8pm.

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