Emmerdale Marlon and Rhona marriage breakdown confirmed after Lucy baby twist

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    Emmerdale fans have feared that Marlon and Rhona will break up after he chose not to reveal Lucy's secret.

    Earlier this year, Rhona's ex-husband, Gus (Alan McKenna), arrived and asked if he could use one of their frozen embryos with his new partner Lucy (Charlotte Asprey), who struggled to conceive following cancer treatment. Gus later turned up to The Woolpack alongside Lucy, with the pair hoping to get Rhona's (Zoe Henry) approval to use the embryos.

    While Rhona gave the couple the green light to use them, she devastated them by retracting her offer. Gus cropped up once again shortly after, saving Rhona's mum Mary (Louise Jameson), after she was attacked by con artist Faye Helders (Jane Gurnett).

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    Rhona then realised her passport was missing, with everyone believing Faye was responsible. But the truth of the matter was far from that simple, as Marlon (Mark Charnock) recently discovered.

    During Wednesday's episode (November 1) of the ITV soap, Marlon headed to the hospital and spoke to the doctor about the progress he's made since having a stroke. While Marlon voiced concern about falling ill again, the doctor insisted he wouldn't need to return to the hospital anytime soon.

    The real shock came after Marlon's appointment when he bumped into a heavily pregnant Lucy at the hospital. A confused Marlon questioned whether Rhona had changed her mind about giving Gus and Lucy the embryos, but she revealed they were the ones who stole Rhona's passport.

    "I was desperate. I faked Rhona's consent but, our baby is almost here. Lucy is carrying our child, you know this is our dream," Gus insisted. "But that's not your baby," Marlon responded. "You're completely delusional."

    Lucy begged Marlon to keep quiet, declaring that Gus could go to prison and she would be left as a single mum. Back at Dingle Court, Marlon battled over whether to come clean to Rhona, but ultimately decided against telling her the truth.

    Soon after, fans took to social media to speculate that Marlon and Rhona's marriage could be over if he doesn't tell her what he knows. One person penned: "Marlon better tell Rhona the truth it will come out then his marriage is over because that's a huge lie."

    A second added: "I hope Marlon has told Rhona .. this will finish them completely." Another theorised: "Here we go. Rhona will find out that Marlon knew about the embryos and they’ll have a massive argument. Then something bad will probably happen."

    A fourth chipped in: "Surely Marlon's immediately gona tell Rhona the truth? If he doesn't what kinda Marriage do they actually have?" While someone else shared: "This is an intriguing storyline. Marlon must tell Rhona the truth. She will be so angry at Marlon not telling her Gus stole the embryos."

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