Emmerdale fans seem to have worked out who is poisoning Kim

Kim Tate (Claire King) has never had a shortage of enemies in Emmerdale – and this time it appears she has pushed someone too far as she is being secretly poisoned, making her believe she is falling ill with dementia.

Kim has collapsed and passed out a number of times and she will eventually bite the bullet and seek help for what she believes is the beginning of on set Alzheimer’s symptoms.

But fans know something else is at play as we have seen her brandy bottle tampered with on several occasions by a mysterious handler.

With suspects ranging from Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) and Andrea (Anna Nightingale) through to Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), viewers have had their detective hats on.

And a big clue appears to have put Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) in the frame.

Clearly hungry for more murder after finishing off DI Malone, is Dawn set to make Kim pay for trying to divide her from Jamie and treating her appallingly?

Dawn was seen handling the bottle of brandy that is being poisoned – and this was not missed by fans.

Is this the smoking gun?

Is it dawn poisoning Kim I wonder #emmerdale

the minute dawn touched that fucking decanter i wailed nooooooooooooo and my dad thought i was losing my mind but i KNOW emmerdale and this is the moment that will lead to her being accused of poisoning kim. her fingerprints!!!!! on the crystal!!!!!!

Jamie ain’t gonna let Kim win. Dawn and Jamie are teaming up. Could one of them be poisioning Kim already? Things are set to get nasty 😬😬😂 #Emmerdale

I would put money on Dawn getting the blame for poisoning Kim. She stayed the night. She was touching the decanter when Jamie walked in and now they’re meeting in secret 🤔 she’ll be blamed for sure

Of course, there’s every chance that Dawn is being set up by love rival Gabby to take her and Kim down simultaneously.

But who is really playing with the fire of poisoning the mighty Kim Tate?

And will they pay the price?

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