EastEnders’ Max Branning inspires song quoting his love of boozer and affairs

EastEnders legend Max Branning has inspired a new pop song, with lyrics quoting his love of the boozer and his affairs on the soap.

Actor Jake Wood was contacted by a fan on Twitter who wanted to create a tune in his honour.

And the soap star was delighted to say yes.

Jake, 47, said: “There’s a guy who has written a song called The Real Max Branning.

“He tweeted me a while ago to ask: ‘Are you all right if I do a song about you?’ “His name is Sir Dossa and he DM’d me on Twitter ages ago.

“He said, ‘Hi Jake, random one but I’m working on a new tune called The Real Max Branning because people say I look like you. It’s based on my likeness to your character. I’m using a couple of samples, just wanted to check you don’t mind?’

“A few days ago he sent me another DM saying the tune is done, it’s all uploaded to Spotify.”

The proud actor said he is delighted with the final result, especially a line mentioning his hair colour.

He said: “I think my favourite line in it is ‘putting gingers on the map’. It’s a bit of light relief.”

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“It’s a bit of light relief.”

Several Albert Square stars have tried their hands at a pop career, including Angie Watts actor Anita Dobson who released Anyone Can Fall in Love in 1986.

Others to barely trouble the charts include Sid Owens (Ricky Butcher) with Good Thing Going, Tom Watt (bartender Lofty Holloway) with Subterranean Homesick Blues and Sophie Lawrence who played Diane Butcher who released a rendition of Love’s Unkind.

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