EastEnders fans spot blunder as kidnapped Whitney ignores the window she could escape through – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans have spotted a blunder as Whitney Dean is being kept hostage in a flat – but ignoring the window she could escape from.

Viewers saw the brunette – who is played by Shona McGarty – inside a dark, empty apartment, banging on the door and begging someone to help her.

She cried: "Help me! Help me somebody please!"

Whitney’s friends and family believe she has “run away” after Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) discovered a letter she had written saying goodbye.

But in fact Leo King’s (Tom Wells) mother, Michaela (Fiona Allen) is responsible for Whitney’s imprisonment after she attacked the young girl at knife point.

But fans noticed Whitney could easily escape by using the window rather than banging on a locked door.

One wrote: "Why isn’t whitney smashing the window?"

Another said: "Whitney, there is a window there"

A third tweeted: "How about chucking a chair thru the window Whitney #EastEnders"

Whitney had spoken about doing a runner before but changed her mind when she discovered Michaela had been arrested for her posts on social media.

But Leo’s mum found Whitney and put a knife to her throat, leaving her terrified.

Michaela said: “You scream and it’ll be the last sound you make”.

Before the attack Whitney wrote a series of letters explaining her decision to go on the run – but didn’t destroy them.

Meanwhile, as Whitney’s loved ones try to figure out why she's seemingly done a runner, Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) has dropped another bombshell: if Whitney doesn’t return in time for her bail check later this week, she will go back to prison.

He said: “They will put a warrant out for her arrest and she will be put straight back inside.

"This time I won’t be able to get her out.”

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