EastEnders fans baffled by Stuart Highway's murder blunder after it's revealed DI Thompson is alive

EASTENDERS fans have been left scratching their heads after they found out that DI Thompson is actually alive – just days after Stuart Highway confessed to killing him.

Earlier this week we found out that the crooked copper was attacked on the night of Ian Beale's attack by the undertaker and was left in the Coker & Mitchell Funeral Directors' fridges until the undertaker knew what to do with him.

He wanted to give the policeman a scare because he had been giving his younger brother Callum a hard time at work, but took things one step too far.

Wife Rainie was amazed at how honest he was when he told her what he was up to the night of Ian's assault and vowed to help him cover his tracks.

During last night's episode the pair hatched up a plan to get rid of DI Thompson's body.

The hearse wouldn't start on their way to the fake funeral and lucky for them, Callum knocked on the window to save the day and said that his mechanic boyfriend Ben would sort it out for them.

As they waited for the vehicle to get fixed, Callum bought the pair a pint at the Queen Vic, and Stuart decided to slip in a question about if DI Thompson to see if he knew anything.

Stuart and Rainie were left stunned when the policeman mentioned that the dead copper had been in the office yesterday for his disciplinary hearing.

They rushed back to the funeral parlour to check the coffin and Callum was right – DI Thompson wasn't in there.

But fans of the BBC One soap were left confused by the logistics of it all considering Stuart told Rainie that he had burned Thompson's clothes to get rid of the evidence.

Many took to Twitter to share their concerns about how he escaped such a situation.

One wrote: "It's important to remember that Stuart burned Thompson's clothes so when Thompson escaped from being dead he did so naked. #EastEnders."

A second said: "So if Stuart burnt Thompson’s clothes. What the hell was he wearing when he escaped? Actually fogey it. I don’t want to think about it #Eastenders#Ballum."

Meanwhile a third was worried about what the bent copper will to do try and get revenge and tweeted: "Stuart and Callum better watch their backs now, DI Thompson will want his revenge #EastEnders."

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