EastEnders dropped huge clues about Linda Carter's baby storyline weeks ago say fans

EAGLE-EYED Eastenders fans reckon they've known for weeks that Linda Carter might be pregnant.

The Walford resident will be faced with a pregnancy bombshell next week after she feels faint at the doctors. 

Linda began an affair with Max Branning at the end of last year after being constantly rejected by Mick, who was struggling with a historic child abuse secret. 

She will end up at the doctors after trying to find out why Nancy Carter was making a visit to the GP but ends feeling faint herself.

When Linda begins to feel faint, the doctor insists on checking her out and Linda is forced to admit she thinks she’s pregnant. 

Some fans think they've seen this storyline coming for weeks and shared their sleuthing clues on social media.

It all started when Linda was munching on an apple during an episode on April 13, which she hasn't been seen doing since she was pregnant with Ollie in 2015.

"Am I mental or when Linda in #Eastenders was pregnant with Ollie did Mick not realise when she was chomping on an apple. I am sure he said she only ever ate them when pregnant. She was eating one in tonight's episode," wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another added: "WAITTTT LINDA IS PREGNANT but of a throwback but she had lots of apples when she was pregnant with Ollie."

And a third said: "Last time Linda ate an apple, she was pregnant with Ollie."

Before that Linda asked Mick about her "mood-swinging" and then felt hot while upstairs at The Vic.

"I knew it," she told Mick. "It's the start of the menopause."

Actress Kellie Bright who plays will soon leave the soap temporarily to go on maternity leave, after announcing in March she was pregnant with her third child.

And fans think having Max’s baby will be the perfect exit for Linda.

One wrote: “I think it's just the menopause, either that or she is up the duff again.”

A second added: “She thinks she’s going through menopause but will discover she is pregnant. 

“Find out she’s quite far gone. The baby is Max’s as her and Mick weren’t sleeping together at that point so there is no way it can be Micks.”

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