Donny Osmond shuts down GMB host as fans slam embarrassing interview

GMB's Ed Balls tries to sing with Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond awkwardly shut down Good Morning Britain host Ed Balls as he tried to sing with him on Wednesday.

The 65-year-old who found fame as a teen star in family band The Osmonds joined the ITV show via video to promote bringing his Vegas show to the UK.

The singer was in full party mode as he kept breaking into song and Ed couldn’t help but try to join in.

Referencing an Osmonds classic, Ed invited Donny to duet with him as he pleaded: “Give me this moment: Love me for a reason…”

Instead of continuing the song though, Donny put his hand up to Ed and replied: “Let me sing it, OK?”

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Charlotte burst out laughing as she commented: “Yeah! He’s like, ‘leave it to me.’

“Stop singing! We want to hear it from Donny! You take it away.”

Donny went on to sing the chorus of the popular tune himself before adding: “It’s going to be such a moment singing that with my brothers.”

“Beautiful,” Charlotte agreed, adding: “Honestly, it’s been so great to talk to you this morning.

“Thank you for talking to us, have a wonderful time on the tour.”

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Meanwhile, some fans weren’t impressed with Donny’s interview, with many branding it “embarrassing”.

Mocking Donny’s attempts at rapping about his life, Twitter user @bex25b begged: “Don’t rap Donny please #gmb.”

@frosted_north critiqued: “Donny Osmond talking about loving the challenge of reinventing himself whilst singing Puppy Love twice in an interview #gmb.”

@JULIEALORD2 fumed: “Shut up Donny! Why is he on for so long? #gmb.”

@Speedqueenie complained: “Donny Osmond is too much for my delicate ears this morning #GMB.”

“Oh god, Donnie absolutely loving himself to death there…#gmb,” @EmilyMulti shared. (sic)

@BonMahomesx posted: “Donny Osmond giving everyone secondhand embarrassment this morning #GMB.”

fawcett_fawcett added: “Donny Osmond has just ruined my morning with his noise. Far too much. #gmb.”

Not everyone was full of criticism though, with @SallyPrice4 writing: “Beautiful Donny Osmond is just a legend. God Love Him Xx #gmb.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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