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DOCTOR JENNIFER Arnold from the hit TLC series The Little Couple overcame a rare form of cancer years ago that hasn't returned since her remission.

The neonatologist went into remission back in 2014 after battling the disease for a year.

She was diagnosed with stage three choriocarcinoma, a rare cancer that occurred after she had a miscarriage.

Who is Jen Arnold from The Little Couple?

Jen Arnold, 46, is one half of The Little Couple, a reality show on the TLC network that she shares with husband Bill Klein, 45.

The pair both have skeletal dysplasia, a form of dwarfism that sets Arnold at 3"2 and Klein at 4ft.

The show has been on the air for 11 years and follows the lives of the couple and their children, Will, 10, and Zoe, 8 whom they adopted from China and India as toddlers.

What kind of cancer did Jen Arnold have?

Arnold developed rare stage three cholangiocarcinoma as a result of a failed pregnancy in September 2013.

The disease began in the cells that would have become the placenta for the baby.

Dr. Concepcion R. Diaz-Arrastia told Today news that at the time,  it was "a very rare cancer, rare that it was found in a little person … a very rare situation."

Treatment for the disease was difficult due to Arnold's skeletal dysplasia and her difficulties with past surgeries.

The doctor faced weekly intensive treatments of chemotherapy between the end of 2013 and 2014, all while taking care of her newly adopted children Zoe and Will.

“It actually got harder as more time went on,” Arnold said. “Some weeks were more difficult than others with different side effects. I had a lot of fatigue and nausea and some days it just felt like my hands and feet were very heavy.”

The road to recovery was a long, intensive journey for Arnold.

After she went into remission in 2014, Arnold was closely monitored by her doctor, as 85 percent of recurrences happen in the first 18 months after chemo.

Today, Arnold is healthy and cancer-free.

How much did The Little Couple pay for their house in Florida?

The couple paid $2M for their waterfront mansion in Florida where they've been quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Their 5,441-square-foot home has six bedrooms, 4.5 baths, three storeys, and an elevator.

Outside there's a heated saltwater pool and spa, a built-in fire pit, and lush landscaping to enjoy the views.

Arnold regularly shares photo updates of the family to Instagram.

In one recent picture she uploaded to her story where kids  Zoey and Will swam side by side, she wrote: "We are all in this together."

In another one, the doctor had her two children pose with their goggles on.

She captioned the photo: "We just keep swimming … we all must keep swimming."

She has been sharing a lot more photos of her kids during these trying times, as she taught online classes, became a homeschool teacher, and kept her kids entertained.

Why did The Little Couple move to Florida?

The family relocated from Houston, Texas to St Petersburg, Florida to be close to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital where Arnold works as a neontologist.

Husband Bill is an entrepreneur and a small business owner.

Back in April, Jen told her fans that she was working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Being a cancer survivor, the Johns Hopkins doctor revealed she needed to stay safe at home.

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