Doctor Who’s former show runner Steven Moffat won’t return to write new episodes

DOCTOR Who’s former show runner Steven Moffat has insisted he won’t return to write new episodes.

Steven recently returned to the Time Lord world with a short story about current Doctor Jodie Whittaker for fans to enjoy during the coronavirus lockdown.

But that doesn’t mean the 58-year-old will return to the TV series in any major capacity any time soon.

He told “It was lovely to get a shot at Jodie, but I think Doctor Who’s suffered enough at my hands.”

Steven was show boss on the BBC One sci-fi smash from series five until the 2017 Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time.

Having also wrote six episodes under his predecessor Russell T Davies, Steven doesn’t think he has anything left in the can to bring to a new Doctor Who episode.

He continued: “I think that Doctor Who has to change hands and have new creators, new people involved.
“And remember, I wrote a ton of them! I think I’m out of ideas. I don’t have a single one left.”

While Steven enjoyed writing his short story, he didn’t feel a burning desire to get back at the helm of the show, which is currently overseen by show runner Chris Chibnall.

He said: “It’s not like running Doctor Who, which was a colossal job, at the level that Chris is doing now.

It doesn’t feel like that.”

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Steven joined former Doctor Matt Smith and co-star Karen Gillan for a watch-a-long of their favourite episode, The Eleventh Hour, last week. 

The episode was first broadcast in 2010 and was a historical moment for the show, as it marked Matt Smith’s first full appearance as The Doctor.

The Eleventh Hour also marked Karen’s debut as popular companion Amy Pond, which she played for two and a half series.

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