Dirty John Is Back for Season 2! See the Chilling Betty Broderick Story Trailer

Oprah Winfrey once called this one of “America’s messiest divorces” — and that’s before it ended in a double-homicide.

It also makes Dan and Betty Broderick fascinating subjects for season 2 of the crime anthology series, Dirty John.

In Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, Christian Slater and Amanda Peet play the aforementioned Brodericks, a seemingly perfect California couple with four kids. The series will include the early days of their relationship in the 1960s, their marriage in 1969, much-publicized divorce in 1986 and the time leading up to and following Betty killing Dan and his second wife, Linda, on Nov. 5, 1989.

“I wanted a husband and a family; Dan needed a wife that could wait on him,” Peet as Betty says as she puts dinner on the table and adjusts Dan’s pocket square in the exclusive trailer above. “I would’ve been treated better if I’d been a dog and served my master. I’m amazed it only took one bullet to kill Dan Broderick.”

Later in the footage, Betty explains, “I was married for 16 years. Then he turns 40 and he’s walking out with a 19-year-old and a sports car … Dan had me committed to a psych ward. I’m not the crazy one — he is.”

In real life, Betty was 41 when she shot Dan and Linda. She never denied the killing but said she had been driven over the edge by years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her ex-husband.  She was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story premieres this summer on USA. Season 1 of the series, which starred Connie Britton and Eric Bana as Debra Newell and John Meehan, aired on Bravo in 2018 and is available to stream on Netflix.

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