Did Marvel Just Reveal That [Spoiler] Is the New Iron Man?

Marvel is looking to replace Iron Man in its current run of comics. The character has been a mainstay in the Marvel Comics for decades, and fans are eager to know who will be taking his mantle in the near future. While fans continue to speculate about who will replace Tony Stark, Marvel may have revealed who will be the next Iron Man.

Marvel kills off Iron Man

Several characters have taken Iron Man’s mantle over the years,but in all of those instances, the transformation was temporary. No matter whatcame his way, Tony always found a way to come back.

That, unfortunately, has changed in the Marvel comics now that Iron Man has officially been killed off. To be fair, this is not the first time Marvel has featured Tony’s death in a story arc, but this time could be more permanent.

As a side note, Tony has faked his death a number of times in thecomics, including in The Armor Wars, written by Bob Layton, Mark D. Bright,David Michelinie, and BarryWindsor-Smith, and in Iron Man #243.

If Tony really is dead in the comics, then the next big questionis who will be replacing him moving forward. After all, Marvel would not be thesame without somebody in the Iron Man suit.

Is this Marvel character will be the new Iron Man?

New cover art may have revealed which character is set to replaceIron Man. According to ScreenGeek, Marvel gave fans a huge clue about the new Iron Man on thecover of Daredevil #22.

The cover shows Daredevil wearing the Iron Man helmet, only thecolor has been changed to crimson red and it features a pair of devil horns. Ifthe clue is genuine, it looks like the Man Without Fear will be the next IronMan.

Unfortunately, Marvel has not commented on the cover art, so it is difficult to say what is going on. The cover has also raised questions about how Daredevil might use the suit and whether or not the technology will restore his sight.

It is also possible that Daredevil only uses the suit for a briefamount of time before passing it on. The issue is set to hit stores in June, sowe will find out for sure then.

What about Iron Man in the MCU?

While Iron Man is undergoing changes in the comics, the same could be said of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fans will recall, Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) gave up his life in Avengers: Endgame to save the entire universe.

Tony’s sacrifice appeared to be the end of his journey in theMCU, but that might not be the case. An inside source told WeGot This Covered that Downey has agreed to a new deal with Marvel toreturn to the MCU in a big way.

Per the source, Downey will be lending his voice to Marvel’supcoming series, Ironheart, which is set to premiere on Disney+.

Details of the agreement have not been announced, but if therumors are true, then it could open the door for Downey to return to the MCU ina larger capacity at some point down the road.

Iron Man will return for ‘Black Widow’

In the meantime, Marvel fans will get to see Downey reprise the role of Iron Man in Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming film, Black Widow. Downey’s involvement in the movie is expected to be brief, though we may have just learned why he is making an appearance.

In a trailer for Black Widow, which is set before Tony’sdeath, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova is shown strapped to a cart of some sort.On the wall next to her is what appears to be the letters, AIM.

This is a reference to Iron Man 3 and Aldrich Killian’s(Guy Pearce) company, Advanced Idea Mechanics. Marvel has not said anythingabout AIM popping up in the film, but it looks like Yelena got mixed up withthem.

Black Widow was scheduled to open in theaters in May, but Marvel has since postponed the date because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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