Corries unlikely character who could cause killer Stephen Reids downfall revealed

Coronation Street have revealed the unexpected character who could bring down serial killer Stephen Reid.

Show legend Roy Cropper used his detective skills to help Carla Connor and her suspicions in Wednesday, 30 August's episode.

Stephen has been killing for months, but he also went through a phase where he was drugging his boss, Carla, to make her think that she was having another physocotic episode.

For several weeks, he was putting LSD in her tea while she was working at the factory, which led to paranoia and her seeing bright colours, but nobody suspected any foul play.

Eventually, Carla accepted the concerns coming from the people closest to her and went to a mental health unit to get better.

While she was away, she asked Stephen to step up in the factory, which is exactly what he wanted.

However, in recent episodes, Lou, the widow of one of his victims, Rufus, has entered the frame on the street, and it has made him start to sweat that his crimes could be exposed.

One crime that he thinks he has got away with is drugging Carla, but Lou has told Carla that Rufus used to use LSD, and when she started to explain the symptoms, it sent alarm bells ringing for Carla.

She explained her concerns to her father figure, Roy, but at first, the cafe owner didn't believe her and rang her husband, Peter Barlow, to share his worries.

Peter arranged for a doctor to come and see Carla, as he was worried that this was the start of another episode.

However, Carla assured both Dr Gaddas and Peter that she is fine, but she thinks that she has been drugged.

As the episode continued, it became clear that Roy had thought about Carla's claims in more detail, and he handed her the details of a clinic that can help her find out if she has had LSD in her system. 

Thanking Roy for the information, Carla vowed to "raise hell" if she finds out that her suspisions are true.

The move could lead to Stephen's downfall, as when the results come back, Carla will want answers.

Viewers of the ITV soap are delighted that Roy has helped Carla move one step closer to cracking the case – and took to social media to react. 

One person tweeted: "Roy the detective, nice one, go Carla #Corrie."

While another pointed out: "Well done Roy for suggesting that Carla does a test to see if she's got LSD in her system.

"Because god knows why tests weren't done when she was in hospital?! #Corrie."

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