Coronavirus: Can you avoid Coronavirus? Channel 4 show explores COVID-19

Coronavirus: Can you avoid it? is a new informative programme which is due to air on Channel 4 tonight (March 27) at 8pm. The special show comes at a time when households across the UK are confused and desperately searching for answers on the coronavirus pandemic. The programme explores how the COVID-19 virus is spread and what people can do to prevent it causing more deaths.

Can you avoid coronavirus?

This is a question everyone has been asking as the fear around coronavirus continues to escalate, especially following the UK lockdown.

The question is a difficult one to answer as scientists are still looking into how the virus is spread and how easily it is contracted.

Some people may be carrying the virus without experiencing or showing any symptoms of it, which makes it difficult to determine who has the virus.

Although it it not certain whether you can avoid the virus altogether, there are plenty of ways to reduce risk.


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Households should now all be familiar with the Government and NHS guidance on how to avoid spreading the virus.

These important measures include washing your hands with soap and water more regularly than you normally would, for at least 20 seconds.

People should cover their mouths and noses with a tissue when they sneeze or cough, and the tissues should be put in the bin straight away.

The stark message of staying at home has also been spread across numerous channels, and in many creative ways, to encourage people to avoid close contact with others.

Doctors and nurses in Belfast had their voices heard after featuring in an emotional video urging people to stay at home, and the video was shown on all major news programmes.

In the one-hour special programme Doctor Helen Lawal looks at the reasons behind the lockdown and why it is important for people to stay at home.

The measures may seem drastic, but over the course of this unprecedented pandemic during which more than 500 people have died in the UK, it is vital to follow the rules.

The film will give families insight into just how easily the virus can spread at home, during commutes and in the workplace.

Visual tests will show the main hotspots where the virus can be transmitted, and there will be a shocking reveal of how many times people touch their face without realising.

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The show will feature interviews from virology experts, and professionals working in microbiology, as they provide the best strategies for staying safe.

The main message from the NHS at the moment is to stay at home unless you need to shop for basic necessities, get one form of exercise per day, provide care for a vulnerable person or travel to work.

People should only be working from the office if their job can absolutely not be done from home.

As well as protecting physical health, it is also important to look after your mental health by keeping in contact with people over the phone and keeping busy with hobbies.


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Channel 4’s Chief Executive Alex Mahon said the broadcaster’s job was to inform the audience with trusted news and to help them feel connected with the rest of the world during isolation.

Mahon said: “Of course, the Covid-19 outbreak presents huge challenges for broadcasters and the creative industries and we’re doing all we can to support our partners at independent production companies to help them through this.

“At the same time, together we are at our best when we use our creativity and ingenuity to respond to challenging circumstances and I’m incredibly grateful to them for the way that they are working with us to respond to this and help entertain and inform our audiences through these strange and unprecedented times.”

The new programme forms part of Channel 4’s Lockdown Academy, which is made up of a number of special commissions which will keep people informed on the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: Can you avoid it? airs on Channel 4 tonight, March 27, at 8pm

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