Coronation Streets Shelly star Natalie Ambers life and two ITV soap appearances

Natalie Amber recently joined the cast of Coronation Street as Shelly Rothington, but soap fans will recognise her from many other TV shows.

Natalie made her first appearance as Shelly earlier this month, but her time on the cobbles was short-lived with pal Paul Foreman being informed of her death during Tuesday's episode.

Shelly was introduced as part of Paul's Motor Neurone Disease storyline, with the duo striking up a friendship at the hospital as Paul continued to struggle with his diagnosis.

Natalie is no stranger to soaps however, as she previously starred in Casualty as Ella Thorndon and took on two different roles in Doctors; she played Gemma Parnell in 2016 and then Helen Shackleton in 2018.

Natalie's hasn't only appeared in soaps either. She's worked on ITV's Paranoid as well as BBC dramas Silent Witness and Life. The talented star has also starred in several theatre productions throughout her career.

Natalie had been building her career as an actress and dancer in London when she suffered a life-changing fall, which resulted in her being wheelchair bound.

In 2016, she opened up about adjusting to her new way of life in an interview with The Bolton News.

She said: “I suppose I always viewed disabled people much like many do – as a separate group generally unconnected to me.

“Now, I want to stop people pigeonholing them and instead view anyone with a disability as an individual, quite capable of doing anything – like taking on a variety of acting roles – because there are people with disabilities in all walks of life.”

Despite Natalie's time on Coronation Street being short, the actress' storyline helped to raise awareness of MND. She shared a message on social media where she spoke about how people have "connected with this storyline" and how it has prompted important conversations.

"Playing Shelly and being part of Paul’s MND storyline on @coronationstreet has really shown the power of storytelling in being able to connect with viewers and raise awareness of really important issues. Over the last few months I have met so many different lovely people who have connected with this storyline, and sparked some really interesting conversations around MND," she told fans on Instagram.

Natalie added: "One fan the other day after watching Corrie went on to iplayer to find the documentary #robburrow as she just released that Motor Neurone disease is what her neighbour has. Watching both Rob’s amazing documentary and Coronation st has given her the confidence to reach out to her neighbour and say hi."

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