Coronation Street star Tracie Bennett reveals she was forced to watch her friends die from covid on Facetime

CORONATION Street star Tracie Bennett has revealed she broke down in tears after having to watch her friends die on FaceTime.

The actress – who plays Sharon Bentley in the ITV soap – told how she was forced to flee New York during the early months of the pandemic to return to England.

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"I’ve lost 12 friends now. Nobody trains you how to say goodbye to your mates on FaceTime," she told The Sun and other media.

"That was so traumatising," she said about losing eight of her closest friends in a matter of weeks while she was across the Atlantic and unable to see them in person.

She added: "In one way, technology is brilliant.

“But in another way, you don’t want to be saying goodbye to your mate and watching them die on FaceTime, do you? That was hard."

Tracie hit headlines last year when she posted a picture of herself crying on social media sparking concern from fans.

She explained: “But what it was was all my American mates in the main, I’ve got a lot of older ones too, and it was like ‘Hi, how you doing?’ ‘Trace, Trace, we’re in the hospital, he’s there, you’ve got to say goodbye, he’s dying.’ 

“I was like 5 o clock my time, and it takes you a while, and suddenly you go on and you have to say goodbye to your mate, and then they die. 

“Traumatising. I was like ‘Is this a thing?’ I can’t deal with it. And one after the other, I think in about four weeks, I lost about eight.

“It was more that, the thought of technology doing it, but in a way it’s brilliant but in another way you don’t want to be saying goodbye to your mate and watching them die, do you? So that was hard."

Now back on Coronation Street, viewers have rejoiced to see her on the cobbles where she belongs.

And she is loving it – and hopes to stay for longer – but she laughed if she doesn't then she'll be fine and move on to the next project.

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