Coronation Street spoilers Ken Barlow devastated as dog Eccles dies after vets discover an inoperable tumour

SOAP legend Ken Barlow will suffer a huge loss when the vet puts down his dog Eccles next week in Coronation Street after discovering it has an inoperable tumour.

The grief spurs Ken to stand against Charles in his retirement home's election when Norris mentions that he was rude about his furry friend.

Corrie fans know that Ken recently moved into Still Waters retirement complex earlier this month after selling his house to Tracy and Steve. 

Fans were saddened when Ken had to say goodbye to Eccles as he moved into the retirement home, leaving her in the care of daughter Tracy. 

Eccles began living with Ken at Number One in 2006, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

When Ken moved into Still Waters, he couldn’t keep away from Eccles for long and tried to sneak the canine into his room.

But fellow resident Charles – who has been scamming the residents – was having none of it when he got wind of Ken’s antics and tried to issue him with an extortionate fine.

Ken then removed Eccles from the premises and plotted with Norris how they were going to bring Charles down.

In next week’s episodes of Coronation Street, Ken is spurred to action against Charles when he learns the devastating news that he's lost his furry friend Eccles. 

In the upcoming scenes, Emma takes Eccles and Rover for a walk but when she realises Eccles isn’t acting herself, Dev suggests taking her to the vets. 

The vet delivers the bad news that Eccles has an inoperable tumour and needs putting down.

When Ken rushes to the hospital with Tracy, Steve and Amy they’re all gutted to hear that they were moments too late – Eccles is dead. 

Grieving Ken is then left raging when Norris lets slip that Charles made some rude remarks about Eccles in his presence. 

Ken resolves to teach Charles a lesson, and announces to Norris that he’s going to stand against Charles in the election.

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