Coronation Street in huge blunder as ‘studio two’ sign is shown on screen as Steve visits Weatherfield Hospital – The Sun

CORONATION Street suffered a huge blunder last night after viewers spotted a 'studio two' sign as Steve McDonald visited Weatherfield Hospital.

The soap gave fans a glimpse of the set by accident when Steve was inside the building with Leanne Battersby and sick baby Oliver.

Moments before the advert break a sign with Weatherfield General Hospital could be seen stuck on the wall – next to the 'Studio Two' sign.

Fans scoffed at the gaffe as one said: "Weatherfield General is nowhere near Studio 2, honest."

Another typed on Twitter: "I love how you can tell from the outside that it's just a sign which reads [Weatherfield] general hospital which is just put up outside the Corrie studios."

Actor Simon Gregson also found himself in a spot of bother when he hinted he might quit social media after his drunken online rant.

He had defended government aide Dominic Cummings' decision to travel from London to Durham amid lockdown.

Sticking up for Cummings, Simon insisted he was doing what was best for his young son, tweeting: "This discussion gives me the s***s. Family first ALWAYS.

"Regardless. People have crawled through s**t , gun fire, climbing over dead friends to be with. Put your bull s**t away d**k Ed’s coz you’d do the same. Plus back off press 2 Mtrs k**b s**s."

However, the next day, the 45-year-old admitted he has "no idea" what he'd been talking about.

The Coronation Street star said he had 'no idea' what he was on about while 'drunk'
Coronation Street star Simon Gregson has hinted that he might quit social media after his drunken online rantCredit: Rex Features
He had defended Dominic Cummings' decision to travel from London to Durham amid lockdownCredit: PA:Press Association

He wrote: "Well sober me has no idea what drunk me was going on about. Time to maybe step away from the phone."

Simon insisted told his followers, some of whom were angry about what he'd written, that his tweets had come from a "good place" and said he stands by what he said.

In response to a follower, the soap star posted: "My language was the regret not my thoughts. But a huge social platform isn’t the place for them."

He went on: "I just emphasise with a person who puts kids first regardless. I’m probably wrong not having all the facts.

"Apart from the choice language it was from a good place."

Simon faced backlash from some fans on Monday when he defended Mr Cummings over accusations that the aide broke lockdown rules by making the trip to Durham with his family.

However, the soap favourite, who is a married father-of-three, later toned down his initial thoughts.

He followed it with: "Ok I take it back to understand that we could all ways do that. So I hold my hands up and say. BD choice of words.

"But. Wouldn’t you? Fine line people. Let’s not be told but imagine."

The Coronation Street star was responding following Mr Cummings press conference at Downing Street on Monday afternoon.

The PM's top aide said he had no regrets over his actions because he had not broken any rules.

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