Cleveland Abduction viewers feeling sick over dark scenes Shouldnt have watched

Cleveland Abduction: Trailer for crime film from Lifetime

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The film Cleveland Abduction is based on true life events of a single mother who becomes the first victim of kidnapper Ariel Castro. During her 11 years of entrapment, she eventually becomes a friend and sister to two other women who are taken captive by Castro. Despite the film being released years ago, a new batch of viewers are just sitting down to stream it, and the reactions are intense.

The Ariel Castro (played by Raymond Cruz) kidnappings took place in the early 2000s, and the film adaptation focuses on the story of Michelle Knight (Taryn Manning).

Michelle was the first of three victims imprisoned by Castro and was held hostage in his Cleveland, Ohio, residence for years. 

After leaving her cousin’s house on August 23 2002, Michelle was seized, and she didn’t manage to escape until May 6, 2013. 

Recently while watching the film, shocked viewer @novemberbridges tweeted: “Bloody hell, I shouldn’t have watched Cleveland Abduction. F**k this shit!”

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@GougherA felt the same and said: ” Cleveland Abduction is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever watched. 

“There’s some sick freaks in this world.”

Disgusted viewers united online, sharing similar thoughts.

@childishxbreezy commented: “Omg, what a fucking crazy story idk how these women survived #ClevelandAbduction.” (sic)

@3croookedhearts didn’t know how to react and said: “OMFG I am watching #ClevelandAbduction and I want to jump through my tv and get stabby. 

“From the get go I swear I had steam coming out of my ears. Such a weak, revolting piece of s**t. (sic)

As “disturbing” as the film was, @Chanelavie believed it teaches women a less and described: “It is disturbing, but if you are a woman, especially someone younger.. It will give you a sense of vigilance after watching the film. 

“The resilience of these women, especially Michelle, is so admirable.” (sic)

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Michelle was only 21 years of age at the time and was scheduled to appear in court for a child custody case regarding her son just before her abduction.

Just over a year later, Michelle was joined by the second hostage, 17-year-old Amanda Berry, in April 2003.

Amanda went on to give birth to her captor’s son during her imprisonment. 

The third and final victim was Gina DeJesus, 14, who was kidnapped in April 2004.

Castro was eventually caught and sentenced.

He went on to commit suicide while serving a life sentence, plus 1,000 years after he pleaded guilty to 973 counts of kidnapping and rape for victimising the three women. 

On her daughter’s birth while in captivity, Amanda spoke to Good Morning America and said: “I mean she loved him and he loved her. Would he touch her? Would he ever think about touching her because she had his problems? But ultimately, he never did anything, he never laid a hand on Jocelyn.”

Cleveland Abduction is available to stream on Lifetine, Netflix in some counties or can be purchased or rented on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. 

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