Bride engaged to ghost says he is very sexual in creepy Say Yes To The Dress

Things took an awkward turn on the latest episode of Say Yes To The Dress when a quirky bride-to-be revealed how she kept a passionate relationship with a ghost, to Tan France’s complete shock.

Ahead of her special day, Say Yes To The Dress guest Brocarde was shown in search of a modest dress to satisfy the spirit of her late groom, Eduardo.

During a conversation with fashion expert and Queer Eye star Tan, Brocarde shared the story of how she and her future husband crossed paths.

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Brocarde explained: “When I met Eduardo for the first time I was literally minding my own business.

“It was a really stormy night, and I just felt this burning in my chest, and I was like woah, what is this really intense, warm feeling here?

“It kind of like ran throughout my body and out through my toes.”

In a moment of bewildered silence, Tan, thoroughly perplexed, inquired: "Eduardo is a ghost?"

Brocarde went on to affirm the astonishing revelation that her husband-to-be was indeed a ghost.

With Tan left flabbergasted, she further explained, "Eduardo’s dead”.

The future bride proceeded to acquaint the ethereal love of her life to an intrigued Tan.

“He is a Victorian soldier; he is so handsome, he’s a little bit of a rebel, I kind of feel like he was almost like a rockstar in a former life, he excites me,” she said.

Despite being taken aback by the unconventional task that awaited him, Tan maintained an optimistic and open-minded attitude.

“It's kind of difficult to get your head around, but we’re not here to judge anyone, everyone deserves a chance to feel special and look gorgeous,” the Queer Eye star said.

But complications arose when Tan came to the realisation that the Brocarde and her phantom had expectations that needed to be catered for.

“My groom… he likes for me to be covered up, I want to make sure he turns up,” Brocarde revealed.

She continued: “He doesn’t approve of me dressing in that manner,” implying that too much skin may send her Victorian groom quite literally flying off the handles.

This prompted Tan to ask: “Does dating a ghost and marrying a ghost complicate personal relationships?”

To which the engaged woman replied: “I think it’s probably just the equivalent to having a partner that everyone hates."

Brocarde soon expressed the surprising physical benefits of dating a person of the paranormal persuasion.

“Eduardo is an absolute dreamboat, he keeps me on my toes, which is what I need,” she explained.

Brocarde continued: “His presence is quite sexy and quite sexual, because if someone can control your body and take a hold of your body then it is… You don't need me to spell it out…”

Right on cue, Tan jumped in: “Orgasmic; the word she’s looking for is orgasmic!”

“I didn’t realise what I was missing from my sex life, but apparently it’s ghost sex,” the fashion expert added.

As the episode showed the wedding day dawning, Brocarde was filmed opting for a black lace wedding gown paired with a black veil, before Brocarde and Eduardo were finally seen exchanging their vows and sealing their commitment with a kiss, walking out of the church hand in hand.

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Say Yes to the Dress with Tan France continues at 10pm Wednesday 30th August on Really and is available to stream on discovery+

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