Brassic’s Michelle Keegan admits she STILL feels she isn’t good enough as an actress

BRASSIC'S Keegan admits she STILL feels she isn’t good enough as an actress.

The 32-year-old got her first acting role in Coronation Street as Tina McIntyre in 2007 when she was 19.

The audition for the ITV soap was only her second ever one, and the role immediately thrust Michelle into the spotlight.

Having felt like she came to acting later than some of her peers, and the fact she got the role so quickly in her career, Michelle admits she has always suffered from 'imposter syndrome'.

During a chat with the PlotTwist podcast, Michelle explained: "Even now I still have imposter syndrome.

"I always start a job thinking 'why am I here?', I feel very very lucky, I still pinch myself.

"I don't think that will ever leave me you know."

Having those feelings means it takes Michelle, who plays Erin in the hit Sky One comedy, some time to settle into her characters.

She added: "Especially a new role, it takes a long time for me to settle into a role but it's exciting as well."

Michelle left Coronation Street in June 2014 and has since played the lead role in BBC One army drama Our Girl, as well as Erin in Brassic.

Michelle admitted she relished the challenge of switching from drama to comedy on the show, explaining: "[Comedy] is so different to drama, sometimes it's harder I think.

"With comedy it's all about timing and presence on screen, as the words are there but you have to say them right and the right timing.

"And you can ad lib, comedy is more freer."

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