Brad McClelland reveals strict carb-cycling diet that got him Love Island ready

LOVE Island's Brad McClelland says he's been on a strict carb-cycling diet ahead of his appearance on the show in an effort to get buff.

The hunky 25-year-old labourer from Northumberland revealed he followed the diet ahead of entering the villa because he wanted to push himself to the limit.

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Speaking to The Sun, Brad explained that before jetting out to Mallorca, he'd been enjoying plenty of "cookies, sweets and fizzy pop."

But weeks before he was set to enter the villa, the labourer decided to kick things up a notch and adopt a "clean" way of eating in an effort to get buff.

He said: "I always go to the gym. My eating is always relatively clean. I like to keep in shape.

"Coming out here I thought: ‘Ive got a couple of weeks so I will eat clean.’ But the level of food that’s come out here is insane. I think I am in alright shape. I am not in the best shape I have ever seen.

"People will be looking at Instagram going: ‘Jesus Christ.’ But don’t be fooled I am not coming in looking like that."

Brad went on to explain that he'd followed a carb-cycling diet plan before entering Love Island, which involves going back and forth between high-carb days and low-carb days.

"That was a strict diet which I stuck to. I did was carb cycling so you would have lower days," he said.

"During a seven-day week, there would be three medium days, two lower days, and two high days.

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"The higher days are when you are training so I did my legs or back or did heavy lifting. And lower days are rest days. You are carb cycling up low, medium, high.

"I just wanted to test and push myself and strip myself back and see what I actually looked for."

Brad added that he's "happy with the way I look and I am happy with what I am eating."

Despite his buff appearance, Brad insists he's not used to getting a lot of attention from girls, so entering the villa will be a whole new experience.

He said: "A lot of people reckon, even my pals say, 'you must get loads of DMs. You must get this and you must get that.' To be frank I rarely get attention.

"The lasses I speak to are friends. No new people come in. It will be a different experience."

Brad added that when it comes to succeeding in the villa, he doesn't have a particular game plan in mind – and plans on just being himself.

He added: "Being myself has got me on the show and being myself has got me this far in my life.

"It’s got me a group of friends and I am a well respected and well-liked person around my area and that is from being myself.

"Going in there… I am not going to be any different."

Love Island will start on Monday, June 28, 2021 at 9pm.

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