BGT: David Walliams terrified after contortionist performs from graveyard

David Walliams was left feeling terrified after contortionist Papi Flexi performed on the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final from a graveyard.

The 26-year-old freaked out all of the BGT judges during his first audition, and his second performance was no different.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Papi performed his audition from a graveyard in Belgium.

Dressed in black, Papi began his routine by popping up behind some gravestones, and well, what came next was just horrifying.

After his performance David told him: ‘What are we thinking? Children watch this show, it was so terrifying and if it wasn’t scary enough, you put him in a graveyard.

‘It’s an incredible talent, but for me, it’s not one you need to share with the world, you just do it at home in your bedroom in front of the mirror.’

Amanda Holden went on to add: ‘Look at him he is so handsome – he’s a good looking boy and it horrifies me when I see him doing his act.

‘I can’t watch the finger thing. It was beautifully executed, nicely staged it was just horrible.’

New judge Ashley Banjo, who had never seen Papi perform before said it was the ‘best type of act’ he had ever seen.

‘I sort of love being horrified and love being shocked,’ he began.

‘I have actually seen a lot of this style of dance and performance but that shocked me.

‘When you turned our finger to the side I was like, nope, I’m out I am done. It was presented really well, performed really well and yes it was genuinely the best type of that act I have ever seen.’

Britain’s Got Talent’s semi-final airs on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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